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Meeting Challenges. Enhancing Experiences. There are places where important decisions are made. Where every moment counts. Where hygienic and healthy environments are essential. In these places, you need someone at your side. Someone you can always rely on. New noracare uneo is a new class of flooring specifically designed for your challenges. Its advanced surface treatment technology is formulated to the highest standards for hygienic cleaning, reduced maintenance and chemical resistance. You can always rely on a floor like this. From ensuring healthy indoor air quality and fulfilling essential environmental certifications, noracare uneo provides safety and comfort for every person who sets foot in your space. It gives you the confidence to concentrate on the important things. It empowers you to improve lives, uplift spirits and shape the future.

Interesting material combination of rubber and directionally scattered granite splinters, with smooth surface. The harmoniously coordinated colour palette of noracare® uneo lends your rooms an unmistakable character.

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Transform a variety of spaces and experience the impact of nora for yourself. Create, compare and share your ideas or import the selected floor into your CAD or 3D modeling program.

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*matching color of granules
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Technical Information

Art. 140D noracare uneo

Format: Sheet Cross section noracare uneo
Thickness: 2.0 mm
Dimension: ~1.22 m x 15.0 m
nora® profile connection dimension: A + U

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