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On safe ground

Your feeling of security is at the center of everything we do. By deciding to choose nora, you can feel safe in that you’ve done everything right. Your choice of flooring has a lot to do with how you feel and move around in your rooms. nora rubber floors don’t just look good, they function perfectly. From efficient general maintenance to low emission materials, to the joint and coating-free surface, a nora floor will bring you joy on a daily basis. You will be sure that you’ve made an excellent choice in nora for generations to come.

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Refurbishment over replacement: A floor saves hard cash - nora systems GmbH 

Oktober 09, 2017
Germany | Project References

After 20 years of constant use in the OR the norament grano shows hardly any signs of wear

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Completely on the Secure Side - nora systems GmbH 

April 06, 2016

nora Rubber Flooring: Premium Quality and Security “Made in Germany” – Security is a valuable commodity – especially when talking about construction plans and how best to equip buildings. There are many facets to the topic: security that a project will be finished on schedule ...

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„Rubber at its best“ - nora systems GmbH 

November 15, 2016
Germany | Products

Talking to Weinheim rubber experts Dieter Rischer and Dirk Oswald about the noraplan® lona – To produce the new noraplan® lona rubber covering, nora systems is taking advantage of an innovative manufacturing method, which is opening up completely new design options.


True Story

„We wanted a healthy, hygienic, and resistant floor with high ergonomic comfort. Nora rubber floor coverings met every point of our requirements.”

Georg Poduschka, PPAG architects, Wien

Market Segments

Every project is different, though, with the demands made on the design and technical qualities of our products being determined by the different kinds of building. But also by the innovative minds of our customers.