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A bestseller gets a modern makeover 

01. February 2018
Germany | Products

nora systems’ rubber covering norament grano was launched on the market just about 30 years ago. With its characteristic granular pattern, it has been a mainstay of the norament series ever since. But even classic floorings get a bit outdated over time, and so over the years small changes have been made to the range...

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Visit nora Denmark team at ”Architect@work” in Copenhagen!

16. - 17. May 2018 | Copenhagen
Denmark | Trade Fair

See the new innovations and trends in Copenhagen. Join interesting seminars and listen to exciting speakers. Find out more about the latest flooring solutions at nora systems stand 118.

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UMC Utrecht - "The best care for now and in the future" 


'The best care for now and in the future'. Because every person deserves the best care, UMC Utrecht constantly raises the bar. The result: innovative, leading treatments that meet the care needs of today and the future. UMC Utrecht is developing the special knowledge required for this, together with patients (organizations) and various partners.


True Story

“For both the user and Sprinkenhof GmbH as the client, the 10-year guarantee that nora gives on the ESD properties of its floors was an important argument.”

Carolin Hübner, one of the project managers for the "Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (ChyN), Hamburg" at the architecture firm burckhardtpartner REINERBECKER GmbH, Berlin,

Market Segments

Every project is different, though, with the demands made on the design and technical qualities of our products being determined by the different kinds of building. But also by the innovative minds of our customers.