The Flooring for Your Fire Safety

Fire protection

There are particularly strict fire protection regulations for hospitals – and for good reason. Most patients and visitors are not familiar with the fire escape routes, or are restricted in their mobility due to illness. Doctors, nurses, and employees are also obliged to help, which makes their own escape difficult.

This is why it’s important to use construction materials that do not make the situation worse in the event of a fire. Nor should they cause any danger through the release of harmful substances. nora rubber floors offer great advantages in this regard, because they are highly flame-retardant. In addition, they are PVC- and thus halogen-free, and do not release hazardous hydrochloric gas in the event of a fire.

Smoke is more Dangerous than Flames

The biggest danger in the case of fires in a hospital does not come from the flames. Rather, it is the toxic smoke that threatens weakened patients, as well as visitors and staff. When burned, many materials emit toxic pollutants after only a few minutes, which makes the smoke life-threatening.

The advantage of nora floors is that in the event of a fire they will not release hydrochloric gas, which can lead to respiratory tract burns. When hydrogen chloride combines with the water used to put out fires, hydrochloric acid is produced, which damages buildings, machinery, and electrical contacts outside the immediate center of the fire itself. These consequences of the burning of PVC are often greater than direct fire damage.

When nora rubber floors burn, they release no hydrogen chloride, which could lead to respiratory tract burns. The formation of toxic, halogenated dioxins and furans can also be avoided with nora floor coverings. They have been classified as fire-toxicologically safe.

For Your Fire Protection Plan

In clinics and hospitals, fire protection plans must be perfectly adapted to the building, and individual protective measures must be coordinated with one another. The fire protection plan consists not only of preventive fire protection measures with its individual structural, technical, and operational/organizational components. Responsive fire protection is also taken into account and fire fighting work is discussed.

nora rubber floors help you meet these fire protection regulations. They are highly flame-retardant and will not release toxic, halogenated dioxins and furans in the event of a fire. In this way, they can help you meet and verify your fire protection requirements at all times.


Vitos Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Herborn


Vitos Herborn


Vitos Herborn

„The fire resistance and the cigarette-burn resistance of the rubber floors are crucial safety factors for us.”“

Felix Beck, Vitos Clinic

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