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Made in Germany

nora systems has been producing floor solutions exclusively in Germany for more than 70 years. The complexity of the rubber materials and the special requirements for employee know-how have created the basis for high-performance floor solutions of the highest quality over many years.

For us, Made in Germany means – in addition to quality products – the implementation of sustainable standards at our production site. The work environment and the motivation of our highly qualified employees play a central role in all areas, as do energy efficiency and environmentally responsible production.  However, this also includes sustainable raw material acquisition and the green logistics of many components, which we have incorporated into our processes and actively manage.

We have built core services such as R&D, product management, application engineering, and logistics around this highly technological and flexible production process. This ensures – through close cooperation with our employees on site – that your requirements are integrated into our solutions, giving you the assurance that nora’s services offer the right solution at the right place and the right time. 
nora headquaters Weinheim

Key performance indicators

  • Employees: more than 1,000 worldwide, around 75% of whom are in Germany

  • Core market segments: healthcare (hospitals, retirement and nursing homes), education (schools, universities, nursery schools), industry (laboratories, cleanrooms, storage and production facilities), public buildings (museums, administration, sports facilities), transportation (passenger trains, ships, buses and trains)
nora sales offices worldwide

Products and services


  • Headquarters: Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg (research and development, production)
  • 15 offices worldwide, sales operations in more than 80 countries

nora history

Historisches Foto aus der nora Produktion


The nora systems story begins in 1938, with the first production of rubber shoe soles in our factory in Weinheim.



In 1950, the rubber floor covering success story began. Both product areas have gained a worldwide reputation over the years. The production expertise gathered at the site forms the basis of our innovation history and our worldwide expansion.



The “norament pastille” enters the architectural stage. The new building of Frankfurt Airport helps the floor covering make its breakthrough.

since 1990

International expansion: nora systems is soon represented in more than 80 countries with its branch offices and through its export partners.

from 1996

nora systems obtains numerous certifications for health and environmental compatibility of nora rubber floor coverings (including “Indoor Air Comfort Gold” and “Greenguard”).


nora systems GmbH is created from Freudenberg Bausysteme KG.   


With nora system blue, the company becomes the only supplier of a floor covering system in which all components – from the flooring to the installation materials – are certified. Consistent further development to global nora one in 2018.

2013 – 2016

nora systems continues to focus on quality and innovative ideas “Made in Germany”: More than €10 million is invested in new production facilities and technologies at the Weinheim site. 

The company builds on popular and award-winning product classics such noraplan uni and the red dot winner noraplan unita with newly developed designs. nora nTx, the innovative installation technology for nora rubber flooring, cuts laying time by half, reduces costs and provides planners with reassurance and safety.


In 2018, nora systems was acquired by Interface Inc., Atlanta (USA). Interface is the world's largest manufacturer of modular carpet tiles for the commercial sector.

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