Flooring by nora systems for cGMP regulated spaces

Flooring by nora systems for cGMP regulated spaces
What is GMP?

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products such as pharmaceuticals and medical technology components are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. Ultimately deviations from quality standards in these industries may directly influence consumers' health.

International standards apply in these industries to guarantee perfect product quality at an identically high level. Companies are not granted a production permit if they fail to comply with these standards. These standards have been defined in the GMP guideline in an attachment to the medication and active substance production regulations. The document defines elements including hygiene directives and criteria to use materials in sensitive production environments, such as clean rooms.

Many of the properties of nora flooring have already been verified to meet the demands of these environments, e.g. low particle emissions, no cracks and open grooves as well as very good cleaning and disinfection properties. In this process, independent testing instituts have confirmed suitability for use in regulated areas up to GMP Class A or ISO 14644-1 Class 3. Thanks to its high resistance to biological contamination, chemicals, and disinfecting agents, nora flooring consequently represents an ideal solution for your clean rooms.

Media resistance and disinfection

In clean rooms or other, sensitive areas within industrial facilities flooring is frequently subject to chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents, corrosive liquids or other media. It is therefore important that floor coverings meet maximum requirements in terms of resistance to these substances in relevant application areas. 

nora flooring's material properties make them resistant to chemicals and media. The resistance to conventional laboratory and production media is regularly tested.

In laboratories floorings have maxium requirements in terms of resistance to chemicals

We give advice in terms of the media used for your specific project and are happy to recommend suitable nora flooring. We are happy to provide samples or sample series for your in-house qualification and validation to responsible entities in quality assurance, hygiene, microbiology, safety or facility management.


Our comprehensive experience and long-term, global presence in this sector round off nora's expertise for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us  with any specific requirements.

Hygienic connections

Hygienic connection nora flooring to pipes drain

For hygienic connection to frames, walls, pipes drains or other installations nora provides different solutions to match your application case.

Hygienic connections

Hygienic connection nora flooring to wall

For hygienic connection to frames, walls, pipes drains or other installations nora provides different solutions to match your application case.

Hygienic connections

Hygienic connection nora flooring to installation

For hygienic connection to frames, walls, pipes drains or other installations nora provides different solutions to match your application case.

Non-coated flooring for more efficiency

norament and noraplan floorings are homogenous without any coatings or sealing for the life of the products. This effectively streamlines your processes and maintenance. Consequently, you will not incur additional costs and downtimes as a result of time-consuming refurbishment and coating measures. Thanks to a non-porous, dense surface, nora rubber floor coverings remain durable over the long term without coatings – even when used intensively. They are therefore the low-maintenance foundation for a hygienic environment according to professional standards.
10 years warranty on ESD properities of flooring by nora
ESD protection can be a vital factor in clean rooms. Electrostatic discharge may attract small particles and thus cause contamination. For this reason, it's important to compensate for the existing potentials in the corresponding areas. Electrostatically dissipative nora flooring provides a reliable solution for this purpose. Thanks to their volume conductivity they do not require additional coatings to guarantee full-surface conductivity. Consequently, there is no need for retrospective coating that could not be applied during on-going operation and further downtime. This gives you consistent electrostatic performance even beyond the 10 year warranty period. Learn more about ESD flooring.

Easy to maintain

Floor coverings can suffer high volumes of foot traffic, furniture and equipment is moved around and sharp or heavy objects are dropped onto them. Flooring must be able to withstand this with minimal risk of failure. However, contamination and minor damage or scratches develop and the surface is damaged. norament and noraplan rubber floors are consistent from top to bottom (no wear layers) and they are uncoated, meaning that minor damage can be easily removed without the surface changing its visual appearance or losing its properties. This saves long-term downtime, maintains aesthetic life of space and thus lowers costs.
In the event of minor surface damage repairs can easily and quickly be completed using nora cold weld. In the event that norament and noraplan rubber floorings are subject to more intense use, you can easily and efficiently refurbish surfaces using nora pads.

High, lasting elasticity and resistance to impact

GMP area: elasticity of nora floor coverings for ergonomic standing comfort

Anyone on their feet throughout the working day will be aware of what nora floor coverings are worth. Their high, long-lasting resilience offers significantly more standing and underfoot comfort. This relieves stress on our bodies, causing less back and joint pain with the potential to significantly cut fatigue. Ergonomic nora rubber floor coverings consequently conserve employees health and have the potential to reduce time lost to absentees.

nora floor coverings' permanent elasticity additionally guarantees high impact resistance. This prevents elements including damaged surfaces if objects are dropped. Read more about the advantages of nora flooring concerning ergonomics.

cunstruction meeting: nora supports and accompanies construction projects

Individual demands – individual solutions

As part of validations in various application areas we support and accompany you with individual support geared towards your project: We coordinate parameters relevant to the application within the process environment together with you. Assessing the influences of different process media and applied disinfection agents round off nora's service range.
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