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Your industry and life science spaces must handle enormous static and dynamic loads. Whether you are using simple hand trucks, fork lifts, or other transportation equipment: nora rubber floors can handle your most extreme loads, because they are exceedingly abrasion-resistant, dimensionally stable, and easy to clean. Even after decades, with proper care, your nora floor will show almost no change in appearance. 

Reinigung Pads

Easily remove tire marks

Everyone wants to maintain a visually appealing and clean production facility – at the same time, the daily work and machinery used can expectedly cause scuffs and tire tracks.

The ultra-dense and durable surface of norament and noraplan allows such scuffs to easily be buffed away restoring a new high-quality appearance, every time. 

Efficient replacement for minimized downtimes

Protruding nails or pointed edges on damaged wooden and metal pallets can scratch and gouge your flooring. Replacing or repairing these areas is simplified, as norament flooring can be replaced in sections.

Smaller tears and scratches can even be easily filled with nora cold weld or heat weld. This not only minimizes the labor involved for renovation, but also reduces downtime, and increases your efficiency.

Customized recommendations for your industrial design

nora rubber can withstand dynamic loads of up to 6 N/mm2. The size and overall weight of your vehicles is only one factor in the overall calculation.  

That is why we are happy to analyze your requirements and create a recommendation for you based on your usage, taking into account all relevant dynamic load factors. To do this, we need the technical data sheets for the industrial vehicles being used. 

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