Entirely eliminate high-follow up costs over the long term with easy repair

Easy Repair

Your floor is the most constantly used surface in your building – day in and day out. Heavy foot traffic, sliding furniture, and falling sharp objects are just a few things your floor must withstand regularly.

It’s inevitable for dirt and damage to occur. Being an ultra-dense, non-porous, and uncoated product, norament and noraplan rubber stands up to minor damage easily. If there does end up being a scuff or scratch, it can simply be removed with little more than water and an auto scrubber, without the surface changing its appearance or losing its properties. This saves on restoration-related downtime, and that means saving money over the long term.


Repairing minor damage in just a few steps

Minor surface damage can be repaired particularly easily and quickly using liquid wax and a joint sealing compound from nora.

You can find all the relevant details in our service area 


Replacement or supplementation during ongoing operations

The particularly durable norament line of rubber is installed end-to-end as tiles. The following steps show how easy it is to replace a tile:

  1. Remove old tiles without damaging the supporting base
  2. Remove the adhesive completely from the supporting base
  3. Clean the supporting base
  4. Glue on the new tiles
  5. Press/roll on the newly laid tiles

Restore to new after heavy usage

If your flooring surfaces have been subjected to particularly heavy usage, you can use nora pads to clean the surfaces of norament or noraplan - restoring it to new. The special nora cleaning pads can be used to polish out lighter scratches, discolorations and the like. Click here to read more.

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