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More than ever before, indoor climate - air quality, light, temperature, and acoustics - are shaping the design of office buildings of the future. This is why nora is a partner in the trend-setting research project “My Future Office.”

nora systems is partner in the project My Future Office

The Future Office’ project

“Future Office” is a research project in construction quality management. The project focuses on identifying ideal building materials to make it technically feasible and affordable to build interiors that foster employee motivation, health, and wellness.

Learn more about the research project here

Work in a healthy environment thanks to office flooring

Whether we are at home or working in the office, we spend up to 80% of our time in closed rooms. Pollutants cannot simply escape to the outside and can end up having an adverse effect on the human body. This leads to discomfort, to a reduced ability to concentrate, and to “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS).

This is why nora is a “My Future Office” project partner, with the following research focus:

  • Promoting employee health through a healthy and modern working environment
  • Creating motivational work spaces through optimal lighting conditions, temperature, acoustics, etc.
  • Reducing pathogens and risk of infections
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Promoting performance by minimizing pollutants in indoor areas thanks of office flooring
  • Increasing the value of real estate through the selection of system-tested construction products

Motivated and productive - into the future

The motivation and relative productivity of your employees can be increased by simple structural measures and interior design. In addition to the orientation of computers and monitors, table and chair height, the selection of the floor covering plays an important role.

The following positive impacts can be achieved by using nora office floor coverings:

Improved working conditions not only simplify work but also motivate employees and make processes more effective.

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