nora® PEFC certification

Natural rubber from sustainable sourcing

Rubber is the core of our DNA.

It makes our floorings so especially durable and resistant.

Natural rubber is a core component in many of our products. Today and in the past, we already have been working closely together with our rubber supplier in South East Asia to make sure that the natural rubber is harvested without harming people or the forest. Now we go one step further. We are the first rubber flooring manufacturer to be awarded with the PEFC (the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification.

Furthermore, we use synthetic rubber in our products. This is necessary in order to achieve the proven functional properties of our products, such as extraordinary longevity and wear resistance as well as the resistance to oils and greases.

We are working on replacing synthetic rubber with bio-attributed synthetic rubber. Our noracare product, in which we use bio-attributed synthetic rubber for the first time, is a pioneer in this field. The conversion of other products is planned.



Your benefits:

  • Independently verified assurance that the natural rubber used in our products originates from sustainably managed forests
  • Harvesting of natural rubber in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way
  • PEFC standards matching your company-wide purchasing guidelines to ensure only sustainable products are sourced
  • Use of purchasing power to support the sustainable management of the world’s forests to fight climate change

What’s in it for the planet/climate? Forests have a huge role to play in our fight to stop climate change. If sustainably managed, forests can help regulate the climate by locking in carbon, and their products provide environmentally friendly alternatives.

What is PEFC
  • Leading global forest certification system
  • Over 300 million hectares of forests globally upholding PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmarks
  • Chain of Custody Certification:
    • the entire supply chain – from the raw material till the final product – is certified
    • Annual checks through the certifier

PEFC's Criteria in our standards

Environmentally sound
  • Maintain and improve biodiversity and protect ecologically important forest areas
  • Prevent deforestation and forest degradation, prohibit forest conversion
  • Prohibit the most dangerous chemicals
  • Improve carbon storage and reduce Greenhouse gas emisson

Economically viable
  • Ensure long-term productivity
  • Optimum use of resources
  • Diversify products and ecosystem services
  • Balance harvest and growth rates

Socially acceptable
  • Respect and protect worker rights (comply with ILO conventions)
  • Promote and involve forest communities
  • Respect indigenous people's right include free, prior and informed consent (FPIC)
  • Protect sites with recognised specific
  • historical, cultural or spiritual significance

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