Installation Recommendations

These recommendations are supplementary from the points of view of specific products and have been compiled to the best of our knowledge based on experience and tests. In case of doubt, it is advisable to conduct your own adhesion tests. We do not have any influence over proper workmanship, which is why we cannot give a guarantee for the work results. Warranty and liability issues are covered exclusively by our terms of delivery and payment.

Proper Installation of nora floor coverings

A good installation result comes from a combination of a first-class floorcovering and sound expert handling.

General remarks for the installation

The basis of each floor covering installation is the country-specific standards. Furthermore, the recommendations of the manufacturers of the subfloor preparation materials and adhesives have to be observed.

The following recommendations are product-specific and based on our experience and tests. If in doubt, we recommend individual adhesive tests. We do not have any influence on the correct processing of the materials involved and therefore cannot accept any warranty for the processing result.

Warranty and liability are exclusively based upon our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment.

Please observe the following recommendations before the installation of nora® floor coverings, stairtreads and accessories:

A. The subfloor

Suitable subfloors are screeds, mastic asphalt, chipboard, plywood etc. 

The subfloor must fulfil the requirements of the country-specific standards regarding the readiness for installation.

Raised floor elements, chipboards, plywood etc. must be installed at the same height. In case of renovations, the elements must 
be re-aligned where required.

The preparation of the subfloor has to comply with the country specific standards as well as the recommendations of the manufacturers of the subfloor preparation materials.

Before installing noraplan® the subfloor always has to be levelled.

Stress-free levelling compounds may exhibit a reduced absorbency. This must be taken into account when using dispersion adhesives by modifying the point of time for embedding as the water content in the dispersion adhesive has to be largely absorbed by the air. Non-absorbent subfloors must be levelled at least 3 mm thick; we recommend levelling by the rake method. 

Commercially available level compounds suitable for castor-wheeled traffic have to be used. If the floor is going to be subject to heavy traffic (e. g. by fork lifts etc.) the subfloor has to be levelled with high performance levelling compounds which are for example based on polyurethane.

At the time of installation and of adhesive bonding, the subfloor temperature must be at least 15° C. Ensure that the nora® floor coverings, stairtreads and accessories have the required subfloor temperature. Especially in winter time, the material has to be stored on site for several days. 

Strictly follow the recommendations and processing instructions of the manufacturer of the subfloor preparation materials. If in doubt, confirmation must be obtained from the manufacturer as to whether the material in question is suitable for a particular subfloor.

B. Material inspection
The colour and the batch identity (control number on the packaging label) of the floor covering have to be checked. Electrostratic dissipative or conductive norament® and noraplan® floor coverings have an “ed” or “ec” imprint on the back. Notices of defects or material replacements are only possible if the goods have not yet been installed. There will be no refund for any additional costs. 

C. After the installation
Sand, stones, chippings and sharp-edged objects may damage resilient floor coverings beyond repair. Therefore, it is important to protect the installed nora® flooring during the construction phase with an appropriate and reusable material. An appropriate covering of unicoloured nora® floorings during the construction phase is mandatory.

D. Installation direction
norament® and noraplan® floor coverings have arrow markings on the back. Tiles and sheets always have to be installed with the arrows pointing into the same direction. 

E. Suitable chair and furniture glides and castors

nora® floor coverings are particularly robust and resistant. They retain their properties and visual appeal over a very long period, even under extremely heavy loads. Nevertheless, misuse can cause damage like scratches and permanent residual indentations on nora® floor coverings. This damage is often caused by inappropriate or faulty chair and furniture glides or castors.

Castor-wheeled office chairs must be equipped with soft grey rolls (type W). If the floor covering is going to be subject to castor-wheeled traffic, the screed and the process materials used (e. g. levelling compound, adhesive) must be suitable for castor-wheeled traffic. 

F. Underfloor heating
If installing nora® floor coverings on screeds with underfloor heating please observe the relevant country specific standards. Furthermore, subfloor preparation materials with the appropriate temperature resistant properties have to be used. 

For detailled information on the installation of nora products please have a look at the download-list on the right.

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