nora flooring installation videos - installation of norament and noraplan

Up-close and helpful tips for making nora flooring installation seamless.

Preview to video norament installation

Installing norament® Flooring 

The complete guide to measuring for, and installing, norament flooring.

Installation Videos |  4 min 2 sec

Preview to video using the hot welding rod

Using the Hot-Welding Rod 

How to thoroughly seal joints on nora flooring using the hot-welding rod.

Installation Videos |  2 min 49 sec

Preview to video bonding noraplan

Bonding noraplan® Flooring 

Using an adhesive to properly bond noraplan flooring to a surface.

Installation Videos |  3 min 3 sec

Vorschau Nahtschnitt-Video

Cutting Seams on noraplan® Flooring 

Instructions for achieving the perfect seam between rolls of noraplan flooring.

Installation Videos |  2 min 41 sec

Preview to video jointsealing

Joint Sealing 

How to thoroughly seal surface joints for the perfect seam with nora 1-k sealing compound.

Installation Videos |  2 min 46 sec

Preview to video applying noraplan wall covering

Siteform coving with noraplan®  

How to measure, cut, apply and seal noraplan flooring along wall bases.

Installation Videos |  6 min 33 sec


nora one - traditional installation system (semi-wet bonding), videos

nora one: one flooring system, one system warranty - one safe solution.

nora one - Part 1: Substrate preparations 

Learn more about substrate preparations within nora one installation system

Installation Videos |  1 min 51 sec


nora one - Part 2: Flooring installation 

Learn more about flooring installation within nora one installation system.

Installation Videos |  2 min 40 sec


nora nTx - quick installation system | innovative installation system (adhesive backing), videos

Upclose and helpful tips for making nora flooring installation even quicker.
Preview video noraplan nTx installation

noraplan nTx installation on new subfloor 

noraplan nTx installation on new subfloor

Installation Videos |  2 min 53 sec

Preview video quick school renovation with nora nTx

norament nTx installation on existing flooring 

No time for extensive subfloor preparation? Why don't you try our revolutionary quick installation system nora nTx. In the video you can learn more about norament nTx installation on existing flooring in only one day.

Installation Videos |  3 min 1 sec

Preview video norament nTx installation on mineral subfloor

norament nTx installation on new subfloor 

norament nTx installation on new, mineral subfloor

Installation Videos |  2 min 41 sec

Preview to video cutting norament steptreads

Cutting norament® Steptreads 

How to successfully cut norament steptreads to the right size.

Installation Videos |  4 min 6 sec

Preview to video bonding norament steptreads

Bonding norament® Steptreads 

How to easily bond norament steptreads using adhesive tape.

Installation Videos |  4 min 57 sec

Preview to video norament steptread profiles installation

Installing Steptread Profiles 

How to cut, lay and adhere steptread profiles.

Installation Videos |  3 min 10 sec


Maintenance of nora floorings, videos

Step-by-step instructions for maintaining your nora flooring system.
Preview to video cleaning with nora pads

nora pads. Four cleaning pads. Some Water. The perfect system. 

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 25 sec

Preview to initial cleaning video

Initial Cleaning 

How to clean your floor using nora pads and water.

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 39 sec

Preview to periodic cleaning video

Periodic Cleaning for nora Flooring 

Using the nora Pad System to periodically clean your nora flooring.

Maintenance Videos |  2 min 4 sec

Preview to deep cleaning video

Deep Cleaning for nora Flooring 

Instructions for cleaning a dirty or scratched floor with the nora pro clean system.

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 59 sec

Video preview polishing

Polishing nora Flooring 

How to polish your nora flooring to an attractive sheen.

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 14 sec

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