Colour – the human-centered approach

nora systems manufactured conductive floors for Agilent Technologies in exactly the same bright blue as the company logo.

Special colour noraplan sentica ed flooring is part of the Parametric Interior Design concept ICU at Charité Berlin

school flooring at the CCSD59, Illinois: references for nora rubber floorings

Soft terracotta combined with wood and exposed concrete: school concept with noraplan unita floor covering in special terracotta colour

Flooring inlays create a hypnotic depth effect, the rhombuses have been pre-cut to size by the flooring manufacturer nora systems

Colour is an important element in the human-centered design approach. And human-centered design, most simply put, is informed by people. Through continual focus groups and design workshops we gather your actual colour needs and direct feedback, and that symbiotically informs and guides our product development and colour ways.

Rich in contrast or harmonious, activating or calming: The colour range has a crucial influence on a consistent, successful interior design that delivers the Outcomes you are working toward.

300 hues and beyond

The sky is the limit. We can bring your holistic design vision to life with over 300 colour options in our standard program. We're also happy to develop custom colours for your project, if that perfect shade isn't found in our existing lineup.

Your colours? Let's do it.

We can easily adapt custom colours and corporate design specifications.

Do you have a special requirement? Simply send us a colour sample or your desired colour according to the colour code.

You can choose from different:

  • base colours
  • granules
  • surface structures


Take your design to the next level at that, with our custom inlay service. Present your company logo to enhance brand awareness, integrate wayfinding into the floor, or code certain areas by colour. Whatever you imagine, we can help make it a reality.


We speak NCS

Your individual requirements and preferences are priority. All products in our standard program are labeled with the corresponding NCS code. This international colour chart, consisting of the unique hues, colour spaces and colour wheels, makes it fun and easy to compile various colour harmonies as early as the planning stage, independent of materials, and across rooms.

Blue stays blue

Once you’ve decided on a colour, it will naturally look the same for years to come. Based on high-quality, environmentally friendly colour pigments firmly vulcanised into the floors, as well as our production technology that’s been refined over decades, we guarantee a high degree of colour stability and brilliance.

A consistent design for cross-functional rooms

Consistency of design can suffer when special applications are needed for acoustic enhancements or to address electrostatic dissipation requirements. No need to worry with nora, as all of our special application floor coverings uphold a unified design that seamlessly blends in with our regular flooring lines.

You no longer have to choose between form and function – nora delivers both.

Logo Red Dot Design Award

The red dot included

Every year, nora products receive internationally coveted awards. We’re especially proud of the “red dot Award” for noraplan unita. With an architecturally and functionally appealing symbiosis of two contrasting materials, namely ergonomically soft rubber and hard granite, we were able to convince the international jury of experts. And so, nora received the award in the “Interior Design” category.

“With their achievements, the award winners have not only demonstrated extraordinary design quality, but have also shown that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions.”

Prof. Peter Zec, Founder and Manager of the red dot design award

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