NYC Transit - a reference for nora floorings

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NYC Transit

norament® holds up under New York City subway conditions

Nearly six million riders board the New York City subway system every day. Since it operates 24x7x365, that’s about 1.75 billion a year. The New York City Transit Authority began specifying nora® flooring for its rail cars in the early 1990s. Today, every one of its 6,418 subway cars (approximately 3.8 million square feet of floor space) is covered by norament® rubber flooring.

This premium rubber floor meets or exceeds all transit standards developed by the Federal Railroad Administration for fire and slip resistance. In addition, transit officials like the floor’s low-maintenance regimen. No hazardous chemicals or coatings needed. It cleans up quickly, with little more than water and a mop. Nothing stains it. If the floor is ever damaged, spot repairs and surface restorations are easy, fast and painless. And, with a life expectancy of up to 50 years, most floors will never need to be replaced.

What has kept NYC trains and subways safer for over 25 years? 

More than 5.7 million passengers use New York City trains and subways every day. Find out what the MTA has been doing for over a quarter century to move passengers safely to their destinations


Data and facts

Building NYC Transit
Installation Year 2010
nora premium rubber flooring is installed in all 6,418 rail cars in the New York City subway system
rail transit flooring from nora systems
New York City Transit - a reference for nora floorings
subway with nora floorings
nora subway floor

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