rubber floors "made in Germany"

nora® rubber floor coverings: naturally made of rubber

nora® floor coverings are made of high-quality natural and industrial rubbers. They are mixed with minerals from natural sources and other components, such as vibrant color pigments, pulled into blanks, pressed and then vulcanized under heat and high pressure. Thanks to the material’s elastic properties, our floors do not require any plasticizers.The subsequent crosslinking with nora cleanguard® in the factory makes the surface dense and closed, without using any film or varnish. That is why they will never need to be coated and still look like new after many years of use.

The advantages of nora® rubber flooring

Environmentally and health compatible

Extremely hard-wearing and very durable
Simple and economical to maintain

Safety, comfort and design for well-being

norament® tiles

This classic rubber floor covering is a convincing combination of sustainable quality and outstanding functionality. Pressed under high pressure, the tiles present a very dense, sealed surface. This makes them extremely resistant to wear and supports fast and easy cleaning.


noraplan® sheets

noraplan® floor coverings are available in rolls or tiles with a great many designs and colors for virtually unlimited design potential.



norament® 825 round

norament round tiles are monochrome with a classic round pastille surface for use in heavy traffic areas.

norament® hammered

norament hammered tiles are monochrome with a hammered surface for use in heavy traffic areas. 

norament® grano™

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammered surface and a granular design rich in contrast.

norament® satura™

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammered surface and tone-in-tone granular design.

norament pado™

Rubber flooring tiles featuring a variegated granular design inspired by ancient terrazzo with a slightly structured two-tone surface for maximum demands.

norament® castello™

Rubber floor covering that creates a sense of luxury in any space. It features a lightly marbled pattern with movement and variation that mimic nature. Like stone, no two tiles look the same

norament® arago™

Rubber flooring with a landscape design, fine granules and modern marbling for extremely heavy traffic areas. No two tiles are the same – each one is totally unique.

norament® kivo™

Rubber floor covering with the contemporary look of concrete with irregular grain design and a slightly structured two-tone surface.

norament® xp™ / xp trac™

High-performance rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a hammered or enhanced profile surface and a choice of two granular designs – one rich in contrast and the other tone-in tone.


noraplan lona™

Rubber flooring in a filigree design with contrasting colors and accents in a lightly structured surface for heavy traffic areas.

noraplan linee™

noraplan linee™ features a directional pattern in light and dark values of the base color - available in six neutrals and four accent colors in both warm and cool tones. Combined with a striated profile that diffuses light and adds visual interest to its matte surface, noraplan linee gives healing environments added perspective.

noraplan sentica™

Rubber floor covering with a changing base color of harmoniously matched color components in a smooth surface for heavy traffic areas.

noraplan environcare™

Rubber flooring with a changing base color consisting of three harmoniously matched hues is complimented with characteristic granules, delivering an aesthetically appealing and functional smooth surface for heavy traffic areas.

noraplan® valua™

Rubber floor covering in a linear structured surface for heavy traffic areas, with a calmingly tranquil color palette with a seamless natural texture.

noraplan convia™

Rubber sheet and tile flooring with solid base color and contrasting neutral granules for a dirt concealing design. Available in a smooth surface and suitable for use in heavy traffic areas. 

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