floor coverings "made in Germany"

Flooring Products

With more than 300 variations of colour, design and surface in the standard assortment, the norament and noraplan product lines offer a huge spectrum and wealth of inspiration for creative design in modern architecture.

norament® tiles

This classic rubber floor covering is a convincing combination of sustainable quality and outstanding functionality. Pressed under highpressure, the tiles present a very dense, sealed surface. This makes them extremely resistant to wear and supports fast and easy cleaning.


noraplan® sheets

noraplan® floor coverings are available in rolls or tiles with a great many designs and colours for virtually unlimited design potential. The product range is made up of eight different designs.



norament® round

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with classical round pastille, one-colored

norament® hammered

Rubber floor covering for heavy traffic areas, with a solid, hammered surface.

norament® grano

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammerblow surface and a granular design rich in contrast

norament® satura

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammerblow surface and tone-in-tone granular design

norament® arago

Flat, direction-oriented relief structure with fine granules and modern marbling design for maximum demands. No two tiles are the same – each square meter is totally unique.

norament® jubilee

High-performance rubber flooring for heavy traffic areas, with a hammered surface and exciting multi-color granule effect.

norament® xp

Ideal for high-impact areas such as operating rooms, emergency departments and cGMP facilities, norament xp provides durable performance while promoting a stain resistant and comfortable environment for workers.


noraplan® lona

Rubber flooring in a filigree design with contrasting colors and accents.

noraplan® sentica

Rubber floor covering with a changing base colour of harmoniously matched colour components.

noraplan environcare™

Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of three harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions.

noraplan® valua

Rubber floor covering with an organic texture in 32 colours inspired by nature. Available in two unique design options: One lively and flowing, the other calm and soft, almost uni.

noraplan® stone

Rubber flooring with discreet, non direction scatter design, available in smooth or reflectionbreaking surface

noraplan® unita

Rubber flooring with a varied combination of materials, comprising permanently resilient rubber and randomly dispersed granite chips, in two timeless design variations.

noraplan® eco

Rubber flooring with smooth tone-in-tone granular design.