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Create the difference – nora 4you provides solutions for your individual flooring needs.

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With nora 4you, you can design your rooms exactly as you want them with

Flooring gives your rooms structure, personality and life. Personalized and unique products are the future – including for us. With nora 4you, we offer you just that: customized solutions that make your rooms special and distinctive in a way that is important to you. Your personal wishes are our benchmark – almost anything is possible.

Quality and functionality are crucial criteria when selecting floor coverings. It's not without good reason that nora® rubber floor coverings are so successful. With nora 4you, we now go one step further and put an additional focus on design and individuality. This allows you to creatively design, structure or accentuate your surfaces with colors, tile designs and inlays according to your specific requirements and ideas.


School auditorium. The laying pattern of the rubber planks results in a winged snake motif.

routing systems in the floor created with different spots in a hospital to help wayfinding

Bright orange colored staircase with pastilled flooring and black edges in the middle of an office building

Patterned installation of rubber planks. View from above down into a large school foyer

Creating an logo as a flooring inlay at nora inlay center, example of the German environmental label

Road for ride-on-cars a kindergarten. The turning point is a large-format ladybug


Facelift for your interior.
Three options to customize your flooring:


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C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital – University of Michigan 

USA (Ann Arbor, MI)
noraplan environcare™ | Healthcare

Find a no-wax flooring solution that is colorful and welcoming to patients and families that also offers the durability required in the hospital’s public spaces.

Project References |  Show All

Syracuse University 

USA (Syracuse, NY)
norament® grano™, norament® grano™ stairtreads | Education

Cover Syracuse University dorm entrance areas, corridors, common spaces and stairwells with a durable, safe flooring that will last for decades, through the tough Syracuse winters, and deliver the time and cost savings associated with a simple maintenance regimen.

Project References |  Show All

Children's Hospital Colorado 

USA (Aurora, CO)
norament® satura™ | Healthcare

Renovate high-traffic emergency department, exam rooms and cafeteria with a floor covering that delivers superior durability, while offering chemical-free reduced maintenance, added comfort underfoot and improved acoustic benefits.

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