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Our Approach

The floor is an essential part of the performance of every building. Whether in schools, hospitals, industrial areas, or transportation facilities – spaces need to meet requirements, provide services, and often do more than just function, because they are part of the processes that take place in the building.

As lead supplier in the world market, we provide important components for building performance with our high-quality rubber floors and system solutions. Our requirements and our solutions go far beyond those of a traditional flooring supplier though. We see buildings as holistic systems, and have coordinated our activities for all phases of construction projects.

At nora systems, we have interpreted “Made in Germany” in a much more creative way, creating a real value-added system around the flooring platform. This value-added system works for all nora customers worldwide, and makes the difference that we proclaim with our slogan, “Creating Safer Spaces.”
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Production Safety

Procurement of sustainable raw materials, quality control in the production process, certifications for all relevant requirements, extensive in-house testing, and close cooperation with testing institutes: this is how we at nora systems ensure that our production standards always have the highest priority over the long run. Through active participation in committees and industry panels, we are concerned not only with the needs of today, but also - above all - of tomorrow. The future reliability of our system solutions is thus guaranteed at all times.

nora’s quality policy as part of the nora business policy

Decision-making safety
We know that in construction projects, decisions are often made under pressure and with a degree of uncertainty. For this reason, our market specialists, project coordinators, and application engineers provide global access to comprehensive expertise. All of this knowledge is sustainably integrated into our solutions, so that our customers can always make the right decision, at the right time, based on essential information. In this way, we reduce risk sustainably. 

Process safety
Large construction projects are complex undertakings, and involve many risks in different areas. Our complete project management is designed with this complexity in mind, and supports our customers with optimal service during all process steps: from initial planning by our project specialists, to support for preparatory processes on the construction site, to production and logistics that can react quickly and flexibly to all requirements, to installation supervision and cleaning training by our application engineers. We have the resources to provide necessary support for the most complex of projects. We thus offer our customers an extremely sophisticated safety net.

Results safety
Each floor must fulfill its functions over the long term. In addition to standard functions, we also pursue a value-added approach at nora. We see flooring as a relevant platform in rooms, and provide it with additional benefits that have a positive effect on the overall performance of a building. Whether it is a question of acoustics or ergonomics, we guarantee the newest installation technologies and use color to create environments that promote healing or concentration. As the second largest area within a building, for us, a floor covering is much more than just a floor covering.  

Experience safety
We are part of the spatial experience of customers and patients, but also of employees, and thus directly affect economic performance. This vision drives our nora team to orient itself with solutions to end-customers’ requirements. How can we help the nursing staff create a better working environment with our nora solutions? How do we offer pupils and students an optimal learning environment? How do we provide facility managers with solutions that help you keep their areas operating optimally, 24/7?  This approach leads us to value-added solutions that go far beyond the classic advantages of flooring products.

Investment Safety
We develop our floor solutions with life-cycle-costs in mind, because flooring is a relevant investment and cost factor for long-term real estate investment. The lifespan of our nora floor solutions is of utmost importance, in addition to many added-value components such as uptime, cleaning costs, and ergonomics. With all these components, we ensure that investment in nora flooring solutions pays off sustainably, and that you can realize the desired added value for your investment.

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