Flooring Installation Videos

Up-close and helpful tips for making nora flooring installation seamless.

nora® Water Droplet Test 

See how to test the substrate’s ability to absorb water to help determine an adhesive’s open, working and drying time.

Installation Videos |  1 min 14 sec


nora® AC 100 Adhesive  

Learn how to properly apply the AC 100 Adhesive, as well as the appropriate flooring types, application and tools required.

Installation Videos |  3 min 6 sec


nora® ED 120 Adhesive  

Learn how to properly apply the ED 120 Ahesive formulated for nora ESD rubber floors. Includes directions for applying copper strip to substrate as well as appropriate tools.

Installation Videos |  2 min 50 sec


Installing with nora® dryfix Tape  

Here’s how to plan, prepare for and install nora dryfix for fast and easy installations.

Installation Videos |  2 min 57 sec


nora® Mat Bond Test  

See how to properly conduct mat bond testing to evaluate the compatibility of the flooring system components. The test procedure depends on the type of adhesive specified includes how to determine success or failure and how to troubleshoot test failures.

Installation Videos |  3 min 40 sec


nora® Tile 

Learn how to properly install nora rubber tiles for long-term performance.

Installation Videos |  1 min 5 sec


norament® Cold Welding  

Get step-by-step instructions for grooving and applying nora cold weld into joints for nora flooring with a structured surface.

Installation Videos |  2 min 48 sec


Flash Coving 

Learn how to flash cove nora® rubber sheets using the preferred boot method with nora profix tape. Includes proper technique for internal and external corners.

Installation Videos |  5 min 46 sec

nora sanitary base

Sanitary Base 

Shows the best way to install nora sanitary base for external and internal corners, making the corners ready for cold welding.

Installation Videos |  1 min 21 sec

cold welding of nora sanitary base corners

Cold Welding Sanitary Base Corners 

Step-by-step procedure for smooth, clean cold welding for sanitary base corners.

Installation Videos | 


norament® Stair Treads 

Learn how to install norament Stair Treads using nora stepfix 240.

Installation Videos |  4 min 35 sec


nora nTx Quick Installation Videos

Upclose and helpful tips for making nora flooring installation even quicker.

nora® nTx 020  

See how to properly apply nora nTx 020, which is required for all nTx installations to enhance the surface bond.

Installation Videos |  1 min 38 sec


nora® nTx Bond Test  

Learn how to properly perform a bond test for nora nTx 020 to evaluate compatibility with all of the components of the flooring system.

Installation Videos |  1 min 7 sec


nora® nTx: Installing Sheets 

Learn the proper method for installing nora nTx sheets. Includes appropriate tools and best practices for creating clean seams.

Installation Videos |  3 min 6 sec


nora® nTx: Installing Tiles and Planks 

How to install nora tiles and planks, including tips on removing sheet film and aligning tile corners and seams.

Installation Videos |  2 min 41 sec


nora Maintenance Videos

Step-by-step instructions for maintaining your nora flooring system.

Periodic Maintenance 

nora premium rubber floor coverings have a natural luster and don’t need any artificial coatings but they require periodic maintenance to provent the accumulation of dirt and dust. Learn more ...

Maintenance Videos |  2 min 54 sec


Post-Construction & Periodic Restoration 

norament floor coverings have a production residue that needs to be removed before the area is occupied so it does not attract dirt and dust. Learn more ...

Maintenance Videos |  2 min 27 sec



Two repair methods: Gap repair with cold weld and patch repair with dry fix. Learn more ...

Maintenance Videos |  2 min 28 sec


Stain, Chewing Gum, Tar and Adhesive Removal 

nora premium rubber floor coverings are stain resistant but it is important to be prepared to take care of spills. This is especially important in labs particularly those using wet chemicals and in healthcare settings. Learn more ...

Maintenance Videos |  3 min 28 sec

Preview to video cleaning with nora pads

nora pads. Four cleaning pads. Some Water. The perfect system. 

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 25 sec

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