Installation & Maintenance Videos

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Flooring Installation Videos

Up-close and helpful tips for making nora flooring installation seamless.

nora floorings seam cut

nora Seam Cutting 

See how to make seam cutting easier and neater using the nora seam cutting knife.

Installation Videos | 

cold welding noraplan

noraplan Cold Welding 

Instructions for welding nora flooring with a smooth surface to create an attractive installation with neat, clean seams.

Installation Videos |  1 min 21 sec

cold welding norament

norament Cold Welding 

How to use the norament cold welding system to weld nora flooring with a structured surface.

Installation Videos | 


nora Maintenance Videos

Step-by-step instructions for maintaining your nora flooring system.
Preview to video cleaning with nora pads

nora pads. Four cleaning pads. Some Water. The perfect system. 

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 25 sec

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