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Cinematic experience in superior surroundings

An unusual design is their trademark: With their futuristic architectural designs, the chain of CinemaxX multiplex cinemas occupies a special place in the German cinematic landscape. The CinemaxX group currently operates a total of 34 cinema centres in Germany and Denmark with 295 big screens and around 78,000 seats.

The corporation is regarded as a pioneer in designing modern multiplex cinemas and an innovation leader with regard to their technical systems. The outstanding comfort and quality standards include sophisticated video and audio systems, oversized screens, modern comfortable armchairs in air-conditioned film theatres, as well as a subtle ambience. By constantly modernising its cinemas, the CinemaxX group makes sure that they always keep up with the very latest trends.

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Clean Lines

“The operator wanted the CinemaxX in Bielefeld to be extensively renovated in a completely new look in keeping with the corporate interior design we had developed in 2010,” relates Belinda Müll from Hamburg-based Studio Elbglanz. The interior designer adapts the corporate interior elements as an innovative creation concept for every commissioned multiplex cinema: “My aim was to achieve a formal reduction of the interior, so to speak as an attractive medium for what is taking place.” The use of airiness and much light was intended to create a link in the building between the indoor space and outside. “The bright, clear and inspiring ambience in the foyer and the areas outside the film theatres underlines the innovation leadership of Germany’s best-known cinema chain,” explains the designer. Bielefeld’s CinemaxX, the largest cinema in East Westphalia, was reopened in May 2012 with a big show event. Visitors to the eight theatres offering around 2,600 seats can choose from the latest blockbusters well as alternative films.

Floor covering with fine, silky shine

The designer wanted the floor covering in the new multiplex cinema to underscore an homogeneous overall appearance, round off the unusual design concept and discreetly put the interior into the limelight. Following in-depth research, Müll decided in favour of the rubber floor coverings from nora systems. noraplan uni in elegant grey and lime now forms a perfect contrast to the apple green, magenta, violet and white seat elements in the foyer. The stairways have also been laid with noraplan uni in green. “Among other things, its fine, silky shine really makes the floor covering stand out,” says the satisfied designer. Before the renovation, the cinema had been fitted with carpeting. For various reasons, Belinda Müll definitely wanted to avoid using a textile floor covering again, whereby durability, comfort and footfall noise insulation are critical factors for CinemaxX. And floor coverings from nora systems satisfy these criteria to the full.

Extremely hard-wearing and economic

Rubber floor coverings from nora are extremely resistant and practically indestructible on account of their dense, closed surface. This is especially beneficial in highly frequented buildings where the floor covering is subjected to strain not just from dirt, but also from the dampness brought in by people on rainy days The dense surface of the rubber floor coverings offers even more advantages. For instance, they are very easy to clean. Spilled liquids, for example, can be easily wiped up without leaving behind any unsightly stains. And oily and greasy food doesn’t leave any lasting traces either. “The uncomplicated cleaning was a decisive factor in choosing the floor covering,” confirms Belinda Müll. And in contrast to other resilient floor coverings, nora rubber floor coverings do not require a coating that would have to be renewed, in itself a time-consuming and expensive process. All of these factors have a positive impact on the flooring’s economic efficiency.

Comfortable and ecologically sound

Rubber has even more benefits to offer, for example a high degree of standing and walking comfort. Not only is the material slip-resistant and foot-warm, but its extreme resilience means that it is also kind to body joints. Footfall noise is also absorbed exceedingly well, providing for pleasant acoustics in the cinema even on days with large numbers of customers. “With the floor covering, CinemaxX placed great importance on good footfall noise insulation and a high degree of walking comfort,” emphasises the interior designer. And last, but not least, rubber is distinguished by its ecological compatibility. The floor coverings from nora systems have been awarded numerous eco-labels including the “Blue Angel …for low emissions”. Since rubber does not contain any toxic plasticizers or halogens, it has a positive effect on the room climate as a whole.

The benefits of rubber have convinced Belinda Müll: The CinemaxX cinema in Oldenburg, which was also completely renovated and given a modern design in March 2012, was likewise fitted with noraplan uni.

Data and facts

Building CinemaxX, Bielefeld
Market Segment Shops & Stores
Installation Year 2012
Photographer Oliver Heinemann
Concept & Design studio elbglanz, Belinda Müll, Hamburg, https://www.studioelbglanz.com/
Architect Architektenbüro Stüwe, Bielefeld, www.architekten-stuewe.de
Construction Management CinemaxX Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg - www.cinemaxx.com


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