blocher partners – Puristisches Büro mit nora Bodenbelägen

Germany (Mannheim) | Industry & Life Science

blocher partners architects, Mannheim office

The architects at blocher partners have outfitted their Mannheim offices with noraplan uni

Long-lasting, sustainable design – that’s what blocher partners stands for. With offices in Stuttgart, Mannheim and New Delhi, the firm is one of the first names in holistic project development. Founded in 1989, today the award-winning and internationally-recognized team includes 120 architects, interior designers, designers, graphic designers, and communication experts. The firm’s projects have a distinctive atmosphere, and are characterized by a purity of style and by an exciting, energetic use of materials. Their new office, in a mixeduse four-storey building in the heart of Mannheim, fits this profile – naturally they designed the space themselves. To furnish the office, the architects chose a flooring that is as modern as it is ecological: noraplan® uni, from nora systems. “The light gray color of the rubber floor is ideally suited to the ‘quiet’ design of the office, and is also resistant and natural,” says senior partner Wolfgang Mairinger. more

Flooring underlines the modern ambience

As part of the firm’s corporate architecture, blocher partners’ Mannheim office shares many design features with the headquarters in Stuttgart. But it also has ist own distinctive character: with its open floorplan, it feels expansive and creates an “architecture of dialogue.” Communication between employees is encouraged, but there are also more private areas for focused work and for meetings. The architects used interesting materials when designing the rooms, including raw exposed concrete, glass, and mahogany. The dominant colors are white, beige, anthracite, and black. “To underline the purity of the overall scheme, we wanted the flooring to be a single color,”explains Mairinger. The designers were sure that they did not want to use textiles for the floor covering. “In contrast to carpeting, rubber floorings produce no odors, and the material is robust, easy to maintain, and easy to repair when damaged,” said the architect. “In addition, the flooring lasts longer and has a more modern appearance than a textile floor covering.” Another positive side effect is that the uniformly colored noraplan® uni rubber flooring contributes to the “quiet” design of the rooms not only aesthetically, but in the truest sense of the word, reducing the sound of footfalls and thus the overall soundscape.

No odors

The architectural design firm has already been awarded the highest DGNB award, platinum, for its headquarters in Stuttgart. The architects are also always planning other sustainable buildings both at home and abroad. It is therefore obvious that blocher partners would want to pursue a similar goal in the design of their own office spaces, and that they would turn to low-emission flooring products, like the rubber floor coverings from nora systems. These coverings contain no PVC, phthalate plasticisers, or halogens, and thus coverings contribute to healthy indoor air quality. “Even when the flooring was freshly installed, there was no odor,” stresses Mairinger. It is not for nothing that nora® floors have been “Blue Angel” certified since 2006, and that they have also received all of the major international environmental certificates.

Good long-term experience with nora flooring

blocher partners have been using the “Made in Weinheim” rubber floors for years in a range of different architectural projects, and have had no complaints with the experience. “Whether it is a commercial or administrative project, cooperation with nora systems is never complicated,” says Mairinger. In addition to the attractive look, the rubber floor coverings also impress with their functionality: thanks to their extremely leakproof surface, they are hard-wearing and do not need to be coated. This also means that they can be cleaned easily and economically, and have a good life cycle cost balance.

Data and facts

Building blocher partners architects, Mannheim office
Market Segment Industry & Life Science
Architect blocher partners, Stuttgart
Installation Year 2014
Photographer Daniel Vieser Architekturfotografie, Hildesheim/Karlsruhe
blocher partners – Zeitloses Büro mit nora Bodenbelägen
blocher partners – Nachhaltige Büroräume mit nora Bodenbelägen
blocher partners – Büro mit noraplan uni
blocher partners – Büro mit nora Kautschuk Bodenbelägen


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