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De Kloostertuin Children's Centre: Cost-effective maintenance

De Kloostertuin Children's Centre, Assen: Cost-effective maintenance - low life cycle costs

De Kloostertuin Children’s Centre is a modern facility offering primary education and childcare for around 500 children from zero to thirteen years. The construction of the building, which was opened in spring 2019, was inspired by the motto: healthy, sustainable and easy to maintain. De Kloostertuin is part of CKC Drenthe, an umbrella organisation of 30 christian children’s centres in the province of Drenthe. “We manage both primary education and childcare. For each school we have a team, a vision and a child policy. Our vision regarding our buildings is good education in good schools that meet the latest standards”, explained Bert van der Klok, housing advisor for the organization. “For example, ventilation and cooling play an important role nowadays because of the hotter summers, but the interior design is also essential for us. I therefore work together with various partners who are good and whom I trust. For the floors, for example, Nathalie Groenendaal, Account Executive at nora systems, manufacturer of high-quality rubber floors, is my contact person.” And so it happened that nora rubber floorings were installed in the latest CKC Drenthe project, in this case using the noraplan valua design.

Resilient flooring for high traffic areas

“In our schools, we are setting up more and more learning spaces alongside the classrooms. The floor needs to be able to withstand the very heavy use these areas experience”, explained van der Klok. “We have had very good experience with rubber floors from nora in this respect.” The reason is the very dense surface of nora floor coverings, which makes them extremely durable. As a result, you neither run the risk of having to replace the floors at high cost, nor of leaving a negative impression on your pupils, teachers or other visitors. You can rely on nora floor as an important part of the attractive appearance of your facility for many years. more

Excellent acoustics meet natural design

“With noraplan valua, we have equipped the school with a floor that has excellent acoustic properties. Thanks to the elasticity of the flooring, we can achieve a significant impact sound improvement and thus suppress the background noise that usually prevails in schools,” Groenendaal continued. In addition, nora rubber floors are extremely slip-resistant, so running children are better protected against slipping or even falling over. In addition to its outstanding functional properties, noraplan valua also scores with its appearance. With its warm colors and naturally structured surface, noraplan valua creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Integrated inlays in different colors set additional modern accents and stylishly enhance the overall appearance.

A purchase that pays off

Easy cleaning is the best way to maintain a beautiful appearance. For this, you need surfaces that actively simplify and support the cleaning process. This also applies to floors, which are the largest surface in a room that needs to be cleaned. “An investment in one of our floors quickly pays off in terms of cleaning and maintenance,” Groenendaal observed. “Because their closed surface allows them to be easily cleaned with water and a neutral cleaning agent.” Another benefit is that standard nora floorings have no coating that wears off over the years and would need to be renewed. This reduces both environmental impact and cost implications. Van der Klok added: “noraplan valua has now been in the children’s centre for two years without any signs of wear – one of the many added values of our rubber floor coverings.”

Finally, noraplan valua, like all flooring products sold by Interface – including carpets, LVT, rubber sheets and tiles – is certified carbon neutral through the Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme, at no extra cost to customers. nora’s own rubber plant in Weinheim, southern Germany, is continuously working to eliminate or reduce CO₂ emissions and thus further reduce its own CO₂ footprint. Unavoidable CO₂ emissions are compensated by the acquisition of emission-reduction certificates that are used to finance climate protection projects.

Data and facts

Building De Kloostertuin Children’s Centre, Assen, Netherlands
Installation Year 2021
Photographer Studio Beeldwerken
Products noraplan® valua, 2,000 m²


noraplan® valua™

Rubber floor covering in a linear structured surface for heavy traffic areas, with a calmingly tranquil color palette with a seamless natural texture.

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