School proves built-environment is the “third teacher,” with nora® floors

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Community Consolidated School District 59 (CCSD59)

School proves built-environment is the “third teacher,” with nora® floors

Officials at Community Consolidated School District 59 (CCSD59), just outside Chicago, have a vision of 21st century education. They believe the built-environment can support educational outcomes in a big way, functioning as a “third teacher”— with smart boards, connectivity, collaborative open areas and dynamic, multi-use, experiential spaces that feature an abundance of light. But it all starts with the floors, according to Tony Rossi, executive director for facilities and operations.

One of the most modern school systems in the country, the district serves nearly 73,000 residents within 24 square miles. And it has made nora® premium rubber flooring standard for all of its facilities, including classrooms, corridors and entry areas across 11 elementary schools, an early learning center and three junior high schools.

“The floor has remained looking new without an intrusive maintenance process that could otherwise affect our student and staff use of spaces,” Rossi says. He adds that the district has a million square feet of total area to maintain.

Enhanced acoustics and slip resistance are also important to the district, which uses state-of-the-art building materials and interior finishes, paying close attention to their chemical composition, environmental impact and cost over time.

What does modern learning really mean - report from Community Consolidated School District 59 outside of Chigcago

What does ‘modern learning’ really mean?  

The built-environment can support educational outcomes in a big way, functioning as a “third teacher”. Watch how Community Consolidated School District 59 (CCSD59) outside of Chicago is interpreting and implementing modern learning across their schools.

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Data and facts

Building Several Schools, Des Plaines & Mount Prospect, IL
Owner Community Consolidated School District 59 (CCSD59)
Products noraplan sentica™
Architect Lisa B. Martin - Arcon Associates. Lombard, IL
Installation Year 2017
school music classroom with nora rubber floorings with enhanced acoustics
school corridor with nora floorings
school gym with nora rubber floors
Community Consolidated School District 59 - references for nora rubber floor coverings
school flooring from nora
school corridor flooring from nora
first aid room in school with nora rubber floorings
classroom in the CCSD59, Illinois: nora floor
school flooring at the CCSD59, Illinois: references for nora rubber floorings
school flooring from nora systems
school entrance area equipped with nora rubber floorings
school lab with nora
school entrance area and ramp with nora floors
school corridor with premium flooring from nora systems


noraplan sentica™

Rubber floor covering with a changing base color of harmoniously matched color components in a smooth surface for heavy traffic areas.

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