nora pro steamer

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nora pro steamer

Easy deep clean of nora floor coverings with steam.

nora pro steamer

Your occupied spaces, deep cleaned with steam

The quiet, non-disruptive cleaning power of steam gives you the ability to deep clean smaller spaces and hard to reach areas while still supporting a calming healing environment. Using only distilled water to create superheated dry steam – your patients will breathe easy and enjoy an improved experience in their clean surroundings.

  • Improved patient experience easily provide a sanitary atmosphere and maintain optimum appearance
  • Quick turnaround time compact machine allows you to clean occupied spaces fast and efficiently
  • Continuous refill capacity no delays waiting for the tank to cool down, just add more water and continue
  • NO smell zero VOC’s contribute to improved air quality
  • NO chemicals just water and the power of steam
  • Everyday cleaning with innovative microfiber technology specially designed microfiber pad does not become saturated, resulting in rapid drying time
  • Scrubbing pad for tougher spots organic crushed walnut shells make this more aggressive cleaning pad not only effective, but scratch resistant and unique
nora pro steamer

nora pro steamer 

Easy deep clean of nora floor coverings with steam.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is nora pro steamer?

nora pro steamer is a steam cleaning machine used to maintain nora® flooring where other cleaning equipment cannot be used efficiently for daily cleaning i.e. patient rooms, bathrooms, outside of shower areas, ICU or NICU. Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process that combines the use of distilled water and a steam mopping system to remove dirt and grime from nora flooring surfaces.

Why do you have to use distilled water verses regular tap water in the machine?

Typically minerals and ions found in tap water can be corrosive to the heating element in the steam machine. Distilled water is water that has had many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container.

Does it kill bacteria and pathogens?

Yes. Steam cleaners will allow you to sterilize a wide range of materials. Temperature, pressure, and time are the main factors of this process. The higher the temperature, the greater the pressure, shortens the sterilization cycle. nora systems, Inc. does not claim to kill bacteria and pathogens with the use of the nora pro steamer. The nora pro steamer provides a very effective method to clean the floor without the use of cleaning chemicals which can leave a chemical residue.

How hot is the steam generated with the nora pro steamer?

nora pro steamer heats the distilled water up to 340°F or 172°C. Note: Center for Disease Control recommends you must have a minimum of 273°F (133°C) for effective sterilization process. When using the nora pro steamer continuously, the unit will generate minimum temperature of 293°F or 145°C of output.


  • Sterilization at a surface temperature of 194°F or 90°C needs a minimum of 1 minute of disinfection time.
  • Sterilization at a surface temperature of 176°F or 80°C needs a minimum of 10 minutes of disinfection time.
  • Sterilization at a surface temperature of 167°F or 75°C needs a minimum of 30 minutes of disinfection time.
  • Sterilization at a surface temperature of 158°F or 70°C needs a minimum of 100 minutes disinfection time.

How much pressure does the nora pro steamer generate?

nora pro steamer operates at 8 bar =116 psi

How safe is the steam?

The steam is water above boiling temperature (HOT!). Do not touch the steam bar or the micro pad holder or touch any person(s) when in use. The nora pro steamer is safe to use on all nora flooring only.

Does it affect the nora® adhesives, nora® heat weld and nora® cold weld?

No. It is safe for all nora® floors with nora® adhesives, nora® heat weld and nora® cold weld.

How long can we work with unit?

The nora pro steamer will continue to work generating steam as long as there is distilled water in the unit tank. The unit is safe to fill with distilled water while turned on. Just untwist the cap and fill the tank. Put the cap back on.

What size area can be covered on a full tank?

Theoretical productivity: one person can steam mop approximately 4,000 square feet per hour on a full tank.

Can an extension cord be used?

nora® does not recommend the use of extension cords.

Can we use nora pro steamer instead of regular mopping?

Yes. The nora pro steamer unit can replace traditional mopping or microfiber mopping. The nora pro steamer cleans and sanitizes better without the use of any cleaning chemicals used with traditional and/or microfiber mopping.

What size microfiber pad does the nora pro steamer use?

5-1/2” x 18” pad. When attaching the microfiber pad, do not allow the microfiber pad to block the steam bar. The steam should be allowed to make contact with the flooring surface.

How often does the microfiber pad need to be replaced?

Generally when dirty. All standard operating procedures of the facility should be followed as some facilities may require the microfiber pad be changed after use per room to avoid cross contamination.

Is there a scrub pad that can be used with nora pro steamer?

Yes. There is a 4-1/2” x 17” scrub pad that can be attached to the steam head for scrubbing hard to remove spots and/or marks.

If the nora pro steamer needs service, who should be contacted?

For parts, service and/or warranty claims and tech support, please contact nora® Technical Department 1-800-332-NORA.

Who do we contact for parts & repairs?

For all parts & repairs, contact nora Technical Dept. nora has an outside vendor who will service the nora pro steamer. This will be arranged by the nora Technical Dept.

Can nora pro steamer be used on any other floor surfaces?

The nora pro steamer was developed for nora flooring only. nora systems, Inc. accepts no liability from the use of nora pro steamer used on other manufacturer’s floor coverings or materials.

Does the nora pro steamer distilled water tank need to be emptied after every use?

If used daily – NO. If not used for an extended period of time – YES.

Does the nora pro steamer have a warranty?

The nora pro steamer comes with a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. To be free from defects in material & workmanship when used in accordance with nora’s Instruction Guide. Warranty does not apply to defects, damage or loss caused in whole or in part by abuse, modification, alteration, and misuse or tampering of the product. See nora pro steamer limited warranty document for complete information.

Contact nora systems, Inc. to request a demonstration of the nora pro clean system.

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