norament® 992 grano

For areas with extreme requirements (e.g. ice rinks, golf clubs, animal stables, etc.).

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Transform a variety of spaces and experience the impact of nora for yourself. Create, compare and share your ideas or import the selected floor into your CAD or 3D modeling program.

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Installation & Maintenance


Successful rubber floor installation is a combination of high-quality floor covering, proper subfloor preparation and skillful workmanship. nora installation guides provide all the information you need to help ensure that your rubber floor installation will look great and perform well for years to come.

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Your nora rubber flooring requires no finishing, waxing or sealing. All nora floor coverings have a dense, nonporous and dirt-repellant surface—eliminating the need to use unfriendly, harsh cleaning chemicals. Understanding how to properly clean and maintain your new rubber floor, even by using just water, will help you keep it looking attractive for years to come. Follow the tips below and download the specific care guide for your application.

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Technical Information

Article 992 grano/1955

Format: Tile
Thickness: 9.0 mm
Dimension: ~1002 mm x 1002 mm
nora® profile connection dimension: N

Project References

Dressing rooms of Adler Mannheim: Resistant even to skate blades 

Germany (Mannheim, SAP-Arena)
norament® 992 grano | diverse

The Adler Mannheim have been at the top of the German Ice Hockey League for many years. "Focused, motivating, modern" was the motto of the refurbishment project of the "eagles" dressing rooms. The grey norament® 992 grano special floor covering blends seamlessly into the design concept in the truest sense of the word. The 9mm-deep jointless rubber tiles are particularly thick, making them ideal for use in areas with extremely tough requirements, such as ice rinks. They can even withstand the burden of sharp skate blades – and will do so for many years to come.

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norament® 992

For areas with extreme requirements (e.g. ice rinks, golf clubs, animal stables, etc.).

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