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Complete service offer for nora rubber flooring installation.

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With our nora® install product range we offer various options. From the traditional installation with single components up to certified innovative installation systems, rounded off by the matching accessories – you can be sure that your floor installation will be a complete success.


nora nTx
Innovative installation system (adhesive backing)

With a few simple steps, the floor covering can be installed very quickly, cleanly and safely and used immediately. It can be installed on all common concrete or screed subfloors, even with high residual moisture. Moreover it is possible to install it directly on top of an already existing floor covering.

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nora dryfix™ ed
Conductive dry adhesive

nora dryfix™ ed is a double-sided conductive dry adhesive tape for the installation of electrostatically dissipative and electrostatically conductive nora floor coverings. The installation with nora dryfix ed is easy and requires only a few steps.

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norament® 975 LL
Removable - reusable

norament® 975 LL rubber floor covering can be quickly installed using a suitable tackifier and can be used as soon as it has been laid. It can also be removed and reused, which allows flexible use in a range of applications. It is suitable for new and renovated buildings as well as raised-access floors, temporary flooring and installation on existing old coverings. This product is made using recycled raw materials.

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nora single installation components

For the traditional way of installation we offer installation components, which perfectly match our floor coverings. Thanks to our specially developed adhesives, we can support a problem-free installation. Also our leveling compounds and primers are best in their class and ensure an easy and fast application.

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nora accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories such as different skirting and joint sealing compounds. The accessories are matched to our floor coverings and convince both visually and functionally.

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Unique support from the nora® Technical Department

The nora® Technical Department is the first point of contact for installation companies and contractors in matters of subfloor preparation, installation techniques as well as cleaning and maintenance questions.

We are always ready to pass on our knowledge about the installation and care of rubber floor coverings before, during and after the installation. We offer proactive support on the construction site and special trainings for installers throughout the year.

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