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Create the difference – nora 4you provides solutions for your individual flooring needs.

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With nora 4you, you can design your rooms exactly as you want them

Flooring gives your rooms structure, personality and life. Personalised and unique products are the future – including for us. With nora 4you, we offer you just that: customised solutions that make your rooms special and distinctive in a way that is important to you. Your personal wishes are our benchmark – anything is possible.

Quality and functionality are crucial criteria when selecting floor coverings. It's not without good reason that nora® rubber floor coverings are so successful. With nora 4you, we now go one step further and put an additional focus on design and individuality. This allows you to creatively design, structure or accentuate your surfaces with colours, patterns and inlays according to your specific requirements and ideas.

We offer three options to customise your flooring: 


patterned floor in school, made of pre-cut noraplan rubber tiles

Colour tailored exactly to the architect's specifications: red-brown rubber floor covering in the Barenboim-Said Academy, Berlin

Creating an logo as a flooring inlay at nora inlay center

Routing systems on the floor in hospital helps wayfinding, created with nora floor coverings.

Creative Concept for Kindergarten floor: Road for ride-on-cars in Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi with nora inlays



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Spectacular inlays in the Escher Museum in The Hague 

Netherlands (The Hague)
noraplan® uni | Public Buildings

Flat or three-dimensional? With a sophisticated optical illusion, the room design for the Escher museum in The Hague, by the design offi ce Karelse & Den Besten links up with the artist’s works.

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Meridiaan College - Het Nieuwe Eemland 

Netherlands (Amersfoort)
norament® 926 arago | Education

Pupils run through the magnificent halls. The floor is decorated with elegant, dark slate flags. But are those really slate flags? The answer is no. They are a rubber floor covering made by nora systems called norament arago.

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LEGO House features nora rubber floors in unique shade 

Denmark (Billund)
noraplan® uni | Industry & Life Science

Billund in Denmark, home to the world‘s first Legoland, has been enriched by yet another attraction since September 2017 – the spectacular LEGO House.

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