nora pads

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nora pads

The cleaning system for economically and ecologically preserving the value of nora rubber floorcoverings.

The unique advantages of nora® pads and how you benefit from them

nora® pads only require water to clean the flooring: no chemicals, wax or polish.

  • Ecological and economic cleaning; the usual day-to-day cleaning procedure stays the same.
  • No more costs for cleaning products.

nora® pads have been developed specifically for cleaning, finishing, and renovating nora® floorings. 

  • Preservation or enhancement of your investment throughout its entire life cycle.

nora® pads are a consistent continuation of the nora one philosophy, an economical and ecological solution for safeguarding the value of nora® premium rubber floorings.

Preview to video cleaning with nora pads

nora pads. Four cleaning pads. Some Water. The perfect system. 

Maintenance Videos |  1 min 25 sec

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