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Flooring for the education sector

The learning environment determines learning success. How well young people learn depends on their learning environment. Floor coverings are the foundation for positive learning environments in the education sector. They can make an important contribution towards students and teachers feeling comfortable, motivated to perform and staying healthy.

Flooring in the education sector should promote learning, since the more people feel at ease, the more effective their learning experience.

Nora flooring is available in more than 300 colours, designs and surfaces

When it comes to imaginatively and individually designing kindergartens, schools and universities, nora rubber flooring is the first choice. With over 300 colours, designs and surfaces to choose from in the standard range, they allow maximum creative scope for creating a truly comfortable atmosphere. 

Inlays for vibrant colour and room designs

In addition, factory pre-assembled inlays and comprehensive colour and room designs can be easily incorporated within the  flooring system. Through accurate cutting using ultrasound technology, precise images, patterns, courts or signage can be installed into the surface of the flooring and even joint-free.  The nora inlay service allows playful design elements or signage to be incorporated. Every property is therefore given its special and unique character. 

Safe floor coverings with excellent health and environmental compatibility

The compatibility of construction materials such as flooring is very important when planning and building educational facilities. This is because students and teachers spend many hours a day in these establishments. Their health and wellbeing form the basis for future learning success. nora floorings in the education sector are certified as low-emission and contribute to good indoor air quality in kindergartens, schools and universities.  This is proven by awards from the world's most important quality seals such as the Blue Angel (UZ120), among others. 

nora floor coverings in the education sector naturally contain no plasticisers (phthalates) or halogens (chlorine, for example). They are also PVC-free. This makes them the perfect choice for the sensitive areas of the education sector. 

nora flooring in the education sector - less chemical cleaning and long-lasting wear

Coating-free nora rubber flooring provides a major advantage: they require no coating and therefore no elaborate basic cleaning - neither at the beginning nor at any point during their product life.  This means time and cost savings, i.e. fewer chemicals needed, less time spent and thus lower costs. 

Nora flooring for the education sector maintain a high-quality appearance throughout their product life and are affordable to maintain. Accordingly, their LCA (life cycle cost analysis) is also beneficial.  By planning ahead, money can thus be saved when it comes to maintaining educational facilities. This is because only 20-30% of the building life cycle costs are incurred during construction; in contrast, 70-80% are incurred during maintenance. 

Permanently elastic flooring in educational facilities for long-lasting comfort

Due to the long-lasting elasticity, nora floorings absorb the majority of noise. This creates a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in education facilities and facilitates learning and teaching.  

For teachers, this elasticity is particularly ergonomically advantageous because the body is relieved during long periods of standing and walking around. Teachers do not tire as quickly and stay more productive for longer. 

nora rubber floor coverings made from durable elastic offer maximum comfort for kindergartens, schools and universities. They are pleasantly warm to the touch, even for barefoot little ones. The elastic floorings in educational facilities are non-slip, making them safe for running and playing on. As a result, learning environments are created in which people can safely move people, feel comfortable and motivated to learn. 

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You need an environment that can stand up to heavy traffic, rolling loads, and years of use. Wear-resistant nora rubber is manufactured for elasticity and density, providing a cost-efficient flooring solution that delivers reliable, easy-to-maintain value, year after year. In some settings, nora floor coverings have been on the job for more than 30 years and still maintain a flawless appearance. Save yourself unnecessary renovation work and make your spaces enduringly usable and sustainable.

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Specific solutions for wear-resistance

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Indoor Air Quality

In our everyday life, we primarily spend our time in closed rooms. If these rooms have been outfitted using building materials that emit pollutants, these pollutants will accumulate and lead to issues ranging from odor to impacts on health.

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Specific solutions for Indoor Air Quality

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Small children learn and discover using all of their senses. They play on the floor and get into everything. If the floor contains harmful substances, they can be absorbed into the body through the skin and cause health problems.

This also impacts the quality of the indoor air that children and students breathe. Compatible nora rubber floors contain no PVC, plasticizers (phthalates), chloro-organic compounds, or halogens. With these environmentally-friendly floor coverings, parents and those responsible for kindergartens, schools, and day-care centers can ensure that contact with the floor is always safe.



Specific solutions for Plasticizer-Free

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Fire Protection
Fire protection

If there is a fire, panic quickly results, and then every second counts. Because toxic smoke is particularly dangerous, the fire and smoke properties of the materials used in construction are important. nora rubber floor coverings are flame-retardant and fire-toxicologically safe. That means that even during a fire no poisonous gasses will be released.



Specific solutions for fire protection

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Dense, non-porous surface
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Did you know that about 90% of the cost of a floor comes from the perpetual care and maintenance over its entire service life? Chemicals, coatings, and special equipment make cleaning both complex and costly – impacting your operational optimization, and efficiency.

The non-porous, highly dense surface of nora rubber makes cleaning easy to handle – as it’s coating-free and requires little more than water to keep looking new. When it comes to economical cleaning, nora is unbeatable.

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Installation system
nora one installation system: construction from subfloor to floor covering

Utilization of low-emission materials in your healing, learning, and working spaces is becoming ever more essential. To meet this need, we have developed nora one, a unique, composite system.

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Outstanding facilities

Whether it’s grade school, a university, or a private kindergarten, educational institutions today are competing for the confidence of parents, children, and educators. This confidence can be shaken by news reports about bad room air. Keep this from happening at your by avoiding emissions from the outset.

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Your daily operations and related budgets over the long term become more efficient and cost-effective when you eliminate the need of floor coatings in your facility. Say goodbye to waxes, strippers, and the time needed to spread and cure these chemicals with nora. Providing a naturally dense and non-porous surface, nora rubber doesn’t require any additional varnishes.


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Specific solutions for "Uncoated"

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You can create an environment for yourself and others that reduces the strain on your feet. And your legs. And even your back.

With the added cushion of nora rubber, your every step is supported by superior ergonomics and comfort underfoot. That’s because unlike most floor coverings, nora is made of resilient material that eases the stress of walking and standing. That means less fatigue, and enhanced health.

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Dimensional Stability
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You want to make the best first impression with your facility space – be it a healthcare setting, learning environment, or public area. A seamless floor surface delivers a strong, attractive aesthetic. The complete absence of plasticizers allows nora rubber to be installed tightly end-to-end and remain dimensionally stable for decades.

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Room acoustics
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Good acoustics, particularly the attenuation of unwanted ambient noise, can be the difference between a restful night of healing at the hospital for a patient, or waking up periodically to the rolling carts coming down the hallway. It can be the difference between a great test score, after being able to hear your teacher clearly and take proper notes, or receiving a failing grade. nora rubber’s ability to dampen unwanted sound can directly impact important outcomes in your facility.

Read here how to minimize the soundscape and noise load by choosing the right building materials.

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Chemical resistance

Chemicals, acids, oils, and bacteria stand no chance against the non-porous surface of nora floor coverings. For decades nora rubber has inherently repelled and resisted these type of substances and more. See for yourself the results our rubber can deliver.

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Quick installation system

The complex and time-intensive installation of floor coverings can result in downtimes that can have a negative impact on your passengers and intended timelines of service.

Utilizing nora nTx – a revolutionary fast self-adhesive system - allows you to install nora rubber flooring quickly and easily, thus minimizing overall costs and downtime. The floor is immediately usable, and drying times are eliminated entirely when using this unique technology.

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Specific solutions for quick installation system

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Service quality
Service quality

Being the most customer-oriented flooring manufacturer there is – that’s our goal and our promise to you. From the inception and planning stages of your project, to follow up in-services once the floor is installed – you can lean on us through the entire process – and for the life of your floor.

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Flooring plays a central role in your interior design. Due to the large area that it covers, it has an enormous impact on the overall impact of your design. Inlays give you unlimited possibilities for elevating your space. Create patterns, effects, wayfinding systems, or brand-specific elements –your imagination can be boundless.

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Made in Germany
Made in Germany

The “made in Germany” distinction is a first-class quality promise universally recognized worldwide. nora develops and produces exclusively in Germany, and has been included in the “Encyclopedia of German Market Leaders.”

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Economic analysis of flooring shows that investment costs represent only a small part of total costs. Up to 90% of the costs will only be incurred later, in its useable life. These include regularly recurring protective film restoration, basic cleaning, the application of new coatings, and the associated downtime costs. nora rubber floor coverings, in contrast, are uniquely economical over their useable life thanks to their low follow-up costs.

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Design and Color Effects
Design and Color Effects

Color is an important element in the human-centered design approach. And human-centered design, most simply put, is informed by people. Through continual focus groups and design workshops we gather your actual color needs and direct feedback, and that symbiotically informs and guides our product development and color ways.

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