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SanaCare Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH & Co.KG, Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany

Installation directly on concrete floors

From a home garage to a newly constructed production hall: Within 14 years, the company’s success in health care products has already required three relocations of SanaCare, based in the South Hessian town Alsbach-Hähnlein. In 2002, company founder and Senior Director Ronald Fischer started experimenting with acidic and alkaline waters. Now, the family business employs eight full-time employees and two temporary staff. From the Bergstraße, waters for the regulation of the acid-base balance as well as other health products such as medical mushrooms, eye drops or creams are exported worldwide, including to the USA and Eastern Europe. The company has had a sales organisation in Switzerland for many years, a further one is in the process of being built in China, and a second production site is planned for there, too. For the new production hall in Alsbach-Hähnlein, SanaCare was looking for a hard-wearing, durable oor which is chemical-resistant and easy to clean. Following intensive research, management decided to go with rubber flooring systems from nora systems. As time was of essence and the move to the new production hall needed to take place in a short time, the norament® rubber tiles were installed directly on the concrete oor with the nora® nTx fast installation system. more

No drying or waiting time

Thanks to the nora® nTx technology, compared to conventional wet application, various work steps are no longer required, for example the spreading of adhesive, drying and evaporation time. The selfadhesive rubber flooring is already equipped with a rubber-based adhesive backing and can be installed in a few work steps, safely and simply. Classic epoxy resin-based blocking primers are not required. Also, on level subfloors, such as for example power-floated concrete or rolled concrete, no smoothing compound needs to be applied. The new installation technology saves time and costs. In addition, the easy installation eliminates sources of errors, such as for example installation into the adhesive bed at the wrong time or adhesive deformations. Once the subfloor is prepared, installation is very easy: roll out, remove protective film, stick on, roll—finished! Depending on the size of the surface, installation including subfloor preparation is possible in just one work day.

Installation without dust and dirt

SanaCare had another reason for installing nora® nTx. It was important for the managing directors that the work could be done with as little as possible dust and dirt, and that the hall and adjoining rooms could be moved into and used already during installation. “During installation everything remained clean and we were able to walk on the floor again”, said the delighted Junior Manager Marcel Fischer.

Intensive tests before installation

SanaCare produces between 2,500 and 3,000 bottles of alkaline and acidic water per month. During filling, it can happen time and again that a little liquid from the bottles lands on the floor. “This is why we intensively tested norament® tiles over four weeks in advance and, during this time, applied different solutions”, says Marcel Fischer. “None of the liquids penetrated the rubber surface, we simply wiped them off the floor”. Even forklifts won’t harm the robust norament® 926 grano with its hammerblow surface and characteristic granule effect. For extremely heavy traffic areas such as in industrial plants, this is one of the most popular nora® floors. Fischer sees another advantage: “If, due to massive impact, the floor should become damaged, the tiles can be easily replaced—which is standard for all norament® products. With epoxy resin this would not be possible”. Thanks to the extremely dense surface, the rubber floors are also very easy to clean.

Comprehensive support from nora

The managing directors of SanaCare also had good things to say about the support received from the nora team: “Already before the start of the project, we received comprehensive advice, and throughout the entire project the experts at nora application technology supported us”, said both Ronald and Marcel Fisher. Even after installation, the staff at nora were available with help and advice. “We felt we were in good hands throughout.”

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norament nTx directly on concrete floors - reliable and fast, even with residual moisture 

We wanted to move into the new hall quickly and didn't have a lot of time to waste laying flooring or smoothing, filling etc. - see how Sana Care managed this and listen to CEO Marcel Fisher in this video.


Data and facts

Building SanaCare Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH & Co.KG
Market Segment Industry & Life Science
Products norament® 926 grano, nora® nTx
Architect Zimmermann Architekten, Bensheim, Germany
Installation Year 2002


norament® 926 grano

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a granular design rich in contrast and hammerblow surface or cubic structure.

nora® nTx

nora® nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers to lay nora® rubber flooring systems.

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