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Fast renovation during ongoing operations with noraplan unita nTx

A new flooring in the shortest of times: Thanks to the new fast installation system nora nTx from nora systems, work could again resume at Meyer + Harre Interiors Design’s Berlin office just a few hours after the start of renovation. “At 9 am, renovation work started for the three rooms, and at 4 pm the same day we were again sitting at our desks,” reported Andrea Harre and Hendrike Meyer. The self adhesive rubber flooring noraplan unita nTx could be installed directly on the old linoleum covering – completely without dust, dirt, and noise. “It was important to us that we didn’t have to close the office for the renovation,” emphasised Harre. “Another great advantage was that we could use the floor again immediately after the renovation. And because there was no dust, we basically didn’t even have to mop up at the end of the work.” Yet it wasn’t only the new technology that fascinated the two interior designers, but also the design of the rubber flooring with its interspersed granite chips and the jointfree installation: “The floor surface looks like a seamless cast.”

Fewer downtimes, less costs

nora nTx shortens the installation time by up to half, thereby saving a considerable part of the costs, and is the perfect installation solution for all areas. The system is designed for all of the usual subsurfaces, and even for screed floors with higher residual moisture levels as they are often encountered in new buildings. Renovations during ongoing operations help to reduce downtimes to a considerable extent because the installed floor can be loaded, cleaned, and used immediately after it has been installed. Furthermore, the renovation does not give rise to odours, and the indoor air remains clean. At the same time, this new system solution requires only a few operations. First, the subsurface is worked with the nTx sanding disc, and then the primer is applied that is also sanded briefly. Afterwards, the self adhesive floor covering is installed and rolled on. Office, Berlin: 9 o’clock, before installing Preparing the subfloor Vacuuming Applying the primer. Sanding and vacuuming Cut nTx

Flaws are reduced

Consisting of a nora nTx floor covering and nora nTx installation materials, this product innovation also presents clear advantages to the installation companies. They are given everything they need from the one source, for considerable reductions in both installation times and the number of potential flaws. Floor installer Peter Hildebrand from the company Fußbodenverlegung Thomas Röhr in Zepernick, who installed the rubber flooring in the Meyer + Harre Interiors Design office, is convinced: “This system helps to prevent a number of flaws like overlapping edges or installing the floor covering too early or too late on the adhesive.” At the same time, he heartily welcomes the time savings. “nora nTx is a very simple, fast system that simplifies installation by doing away with a number of operations. That way I can install more flooring in the same time.” An additional boon: “I only had to visit the site once – a conventional installation would have taken at least three trips.” more

Fast, efficient, cost effective: At the Meyer + Harre Interiors Design office, the innovative system solution nora nTx has convinced developers, installers, and users alike.

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nora nTx - The Revolutionary Fast Installation System 

With nora nTx you can lay flooring quickly and easily in a few simple steps – with no waiting time. nora nTx flooring can be laid directly on existing surfaces – even with high levels of residual moisture – and can be used immediately. Laying nora nTx flooring reduces downtime, saves costs and minimises the risk of errors.


Data and facts

Building Büro Meyer + Harre Interiors Design, Berlin, Germany
Contruction management Installation company Thomas Röhr, Zepernick, Germany
Market Segment Industry & Life Science
Products noraplan® unita, nora® nTx
Installation Year 2001


noraplan® unita

Rubber floor covering with a perfect combination of permanently resilient rubber and randomly dispersed granite chips. The fine scatter of chips in noraplan® unita lends it a discreet appearance. The design is deliberately purist and simple.

nora® nTx

nora® nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers to lay nora® rubber flooring systems.

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