nora nTx accessories

Accessories for the nora quick installation system nTx, the floor coverings with self-adhesive backing.


nora® nTx 020 1C primer (Bonding agent)

nora® nTx 020 has been developed specifically for nora nora® nTx floor coverings. The perfect matching between the primer and the nora® nTx floor coverings provides functional reliability and ensures the highest standards of quality. Moreover, nora® nTx  020 can be applied to subfloors with higher residual moisture levels.

Art. 6684

Primer for improved adhesion

Available as 12 kg container


nora® nTx tools

nora® nTx sanding disc inkl. nTx K3 - Sanding disc for preparing substrates

Art. 6685

Suitable sanding discs for the machines: Mambo, Columbus, and Orkan. Already fitted with sanding tool nTx K3.

NOTE: Please specify the machine type in your order!

nora® nTx K3 -Sanding tool (fine)

Art. 6686

Sanding tool for nTx sanding disc

nora® nTx K2 - Sanding tool (coarse)

Art. 6687

Sanding tool for nTx sanding disc


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