Easy and fast installation with no wait using nTx


The complex and time-intensive installation of floor coverings can result in downtimes that can have a negative impact on your passengers and intended timelines of service.

Utilizing nora nTx – a revolutionary fast self-adhesive system - allows you to install nora rubber flooring quickly and easily, thus minimizing overall costs and downtime. The floor is immediately usable, and drying times are eliminated entirely when using this unique technology.

The technology makes the difference: nTx from nora

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Regardless of the supporting base
  • Can be installed on existing floor
  • No operational interruption
  • No drying and waiting times
  • Immediately usable
  • Minimum downtime

Go right over existing flooring

The nTx quick installation system allows you to install flooring quickly and safely, regardless of the type of supporting base. This saves you the effort of priming, cleaning, and elaborate filling and leveling. The dry installation system also ensures perfect installation work while avoiding the formation of residual indentation, bubbles, and tenting seams.


Save money with the right technology

Especially in the railroad sector, repairs and renovations lead to extensive interruption and result in added costs. The nTx installation system is designed to minimize downtime; the floor is immediately usable once laid.

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