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Opposites that attract

noraplan unita combines rubber and granite in a new colour palette

Weinheim, September 2019 – Purist-minimalist and at the same time invitingly homely. Contradictions in interior design? Not for nora systems. The  noraplan unita rubber floor covering achieves precisely this balancing act. Featuring a unique combination of the natural materials rubber and granite, the floor highlights the contemporary industrial look and at the same time lends rooms a harmonious and distinctive atmosphere.

Part of the noraplan product range, the noraplan unita collection has recently been completely revised and is now offered in a new, extended palette of 20 colours. The latest additions include modern pastel shades and a number of accent colours. Paired with the reworked, elegant neutral shades, a harmoniously coordinated collection has been created with colours that can be freely combined within the building.

noraplan unita - Collage from a selection of the new colours of the floor covering

The confidence to use colour – in offices and educational buildings

Thanks to their timeless and authentic design, rubber floor coverings are particularly popular in educational settings, modern offices, public buildings and shops. When it comes to the choice of colour, elegant shades of grey and black are still the most popular. “With our new colour range, we want to offer planners even more variety”, explained Saskia Holschuh, Product Manager of the noraplan product line. “The new pastel shades can discreetly lend more colour to rooms, while the more intense colours set accents and enhance the possibilities for implementing sophisticated colour concepts.”

The captivating feature of noraplan unita is its versatility. Genuine granite chips have been worked into the plain-coloured covering, which originate from a quarry close to nora’s production site. Because they reflect light in all its facets, they create striking visual effects. The appearance of the floor varies depending on the viewer’s location and the angle at which the light falls on it. In this way, it can become either a vital design element or create a discreet and subtle effect. In 2012, one year after its market launch, noraplan unita was awarded the “red dot design award” for its exceptional design. 

Authentic, ergonomic and ideal for combining

The special feature of noraplan unita is the authenticity of its materials. The rubber flooring with the enclosed granite chips supports the architectural trend towards authenticity and can be perfectly combined with other original materials such as wood, concrete, stone or metal. Alongside its attractive appearance, noraplan unita also impresses with the familiar functional advantages of nora floors. The rubber floor covering is durable and extremely robust. Thanks to its permanent dimensional stability, joint sealing is not necessary and the installed surface has a perfectly homogeneous appearance.

Even if the design of noraplan unita is reminiscent of a stone or concrete floor – depending on the colour – the floor covering has a decisive advantage over hard substrates, where the permanently elastic rubber offers maximum walking and standing comfort. Like all products from nora systems, noraplan unita is free from PVC and phthalate plasticisers and thus contributes to good indoor air quality.

An authentic urban look paired with maximum functionality – noraplan unita sets the perfect tone for every room.*

Photos: Collage above: Elmar Witt, #1: Colour overview noraplan unita, © nora systems GmbH, #2, #3 noraplan unita, Mood, © Elmar Witt, #4 "Boa Vista" office building, Hamburg, © Dominik Münich, #5 Zalando headquarters, Berlin, Stephan Falk, #6 Rotterdam Business School, © Beeldwerken / Christian Reijnoudt, #7 L&T Sport, Osnabrück, © Dirk Wilhelmy, #8 Otto Kantine Kochwerk Elbe, Hamburg, © Valeska Achenbach.

noraplan unita floor covering from rubber and granite - mood image

office building with noraplan unita floor covering made from rubber and granite

college / university with noraplan unita floor covering

noraplan unita floor covering from rubber and granite in a shop

Canteen with noraplan unita floor covering from rubber and granite

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