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Well supported. In every situation. Every day. Where daily work involves potentially life-changing decisions, it is vital to be able to concentrate on the essentials. The less you need to worry about having a hygienic and healthy environment, the more room you have to make important decisions. The innovative surface technology of noracare seneo meets the highest demands for hygienic and effective cleaning as well as chemical resistance. It contributes to good indoor air and holds numerous international environmental certifications. Which means you can breathe easy, knowing you can always rely on noracare seneo.

Single-coloured flooring with iridescent marbled colour granules, which are harmoniously matched to the basic colour with minimal contrast. Close up, the 24 colours of the noracare seneo colour palette create a perceptible pattern, while from a distance they appear almost uni-coloured.

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Cradle to Cradle certified

As we use different colour pigments in our noracare range, some colours are certified as Gold and others as Silver. Please check the medal-icons for individual classification,  also available in our flyer.

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Silver medal     Cradle to Cradle Silver rating     C2C Silver Logo


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Accessories for color

*Not exactly matching the base colour, nora system’s recommendation

Property Legend

Cradle to Cradle Gold
Cradle to Cradle Silver

Project References

A proven floor solution for dialysis centres 

Germany (Berlin)
noracare™ seneo | Healthcare

In the "Dialysis Centre at the Gesundbrunnen", noracare seneo enables comprehensive hygiene and efficient cleaning. The new floor covering has innovative surface technology and was specially developed for areas with the most stringent hygiene requirements and above-average use of disinfectants.

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