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Floor coverings for sports halls and multi-purpose rooms are exposed to the same loads and stresses as the teams that compete there. They have to withstand a high level of traffic and are often subjected to hard knocks and on-the-spot changes of direction – all the things that make a sporting event so entertaining. If the outcome is decided by a crucial step or a slip, this should not be the fault of the floor. Gymnasiums and exercise rooms are often multi-purpose rooms where theatre performances, concerts, gatherings, celebrations and sometimes even normal lessons take place. nora rubber floor coverings meet these wide-ranging requirements and offer a number of unique benefits (including slip resistance and noise damping). They also allow easy cleaning after a sports event, performance or gathering.

Sports hall floor renovation without removal of the old covering, with self-adhesive nora nTx floor covering

sports hall with nora rubber floor covering

Cloakroom / changing room with nora floor covering

Kindergarten exercise room with floor covering in accent colour

Kindergarten playroom with resilient noraplan floor covering

Kindergarten movement and play room design with nora floor covering

Sports hall with floor covering from nora systems

Flooring for sports halls and multi-purpose halls – designed for top performance

Floor coverings in sports halls and multi-purpose halls must deliver top performance in all disciplines. In a sports hall, the floor is subject to the same stresses as the athletes who compete on it. These surfaces are exposed to intense use: Hard impacts and abrupt changes in direction are a frequent occurrence. These moments are what sporting events are all about, so the floor covering must do justice to this. After all, it is the performance that should decide the outcome of the contest, not a slip-up on an unsuitable floor covering.

Many sports halls also function as multi-purpose halls, making them the heart of the educational institution they serve. The school hall is where assemblies, concerts, theatre performances and a whole host of other events take place that enrich the day-to-day school experience. The school hall flooring must combine a number of different properties, such as slip resistance, noise insulation and be easy to clean. Rubber floor coverings from nora® are specially designed to meet these high demands and combine the most advantageous characteristics for sport, exercise and general purpose.

Competition, training and teaching requires high-performance flooring

nora® rubber floor coverings present very convincing arguments, especially when it comes to safety in sports halls. Thanks to high tread and slip resistance, they reduce the risk of fall-related burns and injuries to the skin.

The noraplan® sentica floor covering is particularly noteworthy in this regard. This floor covering is tested according to EN 14904:2006-06 and meets all the requirements for floor coverings in sports halls and multi-purpose school halls.

noraplan® sentica is especially suitable for use as school hall flooring thanks to its flawless appearance. The floor covering is resistant to marks caused by shoes and tyres and is also resistant to cigarette burns – an important aspect in relation to fire safety.

What about sport, exercise and movement? We've got that covered, too

A floor covering that is intended for playing, running around and competing on should encourage enjoyment of exercise and movement. Rubber floor coverings from nora® are warm underfoot and permanently elastic, creating the ideal conditions for playing sport safely.

One such example is the noraplan® acoustic floor covering: With its dual-layer construction and a material thickness of 4 mm, it offers maximum comfort for school halls and sports halls. It absorbs impact forces and is also tread and slip resistant, which decreases the risk of falling.

The nora® floor covering for sports halls and school halls also delivers a high degree of safety when it comes to the long-term health of the athletes. The floor covering relieves the strain on the joints, making it excellently suited for gymnastic and aerobic exercises.

Sports hall flooring – suitable for a range of disciplines

The floor in a school hall is often subject to intense use for a variety of different purposes. So the floor covering must offer the best possible compromise between the requirements of the individual disciplines. Some of the key aspects here include, for example, ball bounce behaviour, slip resistance and tread resistance. There are also some very specific requirements , for example, for wheelchair sport or the use of telescopic grandstands.

noraplan® sentica  has been certified according to EN 14904:2006-06 as a surface for sports areas. The floor covering meets all the requirements for sports surfaces with regard to tread and slip resistance. Distracting reflections of light are prevented by the matt surface. Thanks to the even granulate scattering, the floor covering appears as a single colour and at the same time does not show dirt easily.

Perfect for court markings

Another important characteristic for school hall and sports hall flooring is the ability to apply lines and markings. noraplan® sentica floor covering for sports halls offers optimal properties for court markings, which are usually applied by specialist companies or the sport floor construction firm itself.

Suitable products

noraplan® sentica

Rubber floor covering with a changing base colour of harmoniously matched colour components.

noraplan® signa acoustic

For high footfall sound absorption with a footfall sound absorption improvement of 20 dB.

noraplan® stone acoustic

For high footfall sound absorption with a footfall sound absorption improvement of 20 dB.

noraplan® sentica acoustic

For high footfall sound absorption with a footfall sound absorption improvement of 20 dB.


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Syracuse University – Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center 

USA (Syracuse, NY)
norament® 926 grano, Stairtread norament® 926 grano | Education

Implement safe, durable, low-maintenance flooring that can handle the rigors of 24-hour use in the new practice facility for Syracuse University basketball programs.

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