Cut Costs, Add Efficiency with No-Wax Flooring

Your daily operations and related budgets over the long term become more efficient and cost-effective when you eliminate the need of floor coatings in your facility. Say goodbye to waxes, strippers, and the time needed to spread and cure these chemicals with nora. Providing a naturally dense and non-porous surface, nora rubber doesn’t require any additional varnishes.

So your floor remains looking new

In the most highly trafficked areas of your building, waxes and other finishes inevitably break down over time and become unsightly issues added to your ‘to-do’ list. You get stuck in the cycle of needing to strip away the old, and apply new coatings, or even replace the floor entirely - which means continual follow-up maintenance costs with no end in sight.

Choosing coating-free nora rubber will allow you to reap long-lasting (we’re talking decades) function and form. With proper care, your extraordinarily durable and wear-resistant nora floor will maintain its new appearance for years to come – no stripping, waxing, or varnishing in sight.

Eliminate closures

In any occupied building, renovations mean interruption and closure of the areas being worked on. This translates to increased downtime costs and disrupted workflows. With nora, you will never have to schedule a closure to apply new coatings.

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