norament® stairtreads, with a pre-shaped stair nosing, riser, and tread all-in-one piece, are a clean and enduring solution for creating safer spaces. norament stairtreads are cost-effective for both new and renovated buildings. No matter your application or facility, you will have a wide array of floor covering options to complete your design by using norament® stairtreads.norament® stairtreads are offered in both a round and hammered surface, and are available in a sizable range of colors with matching accessories to give you boundless design options.

norament® stairtreads

norament® grano™ stairtreads

Granular design rich in contrast with a hammered surface.

norament® satura™ stairtreads

Tone-on-tone granular design with a hammered surface.

norament® arago™ stairtreads

Flat, direction-oriented relief structure with fine grain design and modern marbling.

norament® round stairtreads

One-colored with a classic round surface.

norament® hammered stairtread

One-colored with a hammered surface.

norament® 920 stairtreads

One-colored, classic round surface for special fire-protection requirements.

Stair Accessories

nora® rubber stair accessories are made to match norament® and noraplan® floor coverings, but can also be used in combination with other types of flooring. They are impact and shock-resistant, do not shrink, do not contain plasticizers and retain their functional reliability for years. nora rubber stair accessories are rounded off with a complementary line of supporting accessories to give you boundless design options.


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