Take-Back Program

Including Construction Waste

nora by Interface Take-Back Program, including Construction Waste

Determined that you don’t want to pursue options to keep your current nora rubber flooring installed, we can facilitate keeping your flooring out of the landfill by contacting sustainability@interface.com. You can also contact us to return installation waste left over from your project.

Recyclable Packaging

  • nora floor coverings are available in rolls or tiles. Tiles can be supplied either loose or in cardboard boxes (that are manufactured from wastepaper and are 100% recyclable) or on wooden pallets as desired.
  • Rolled goods from nora are supplied on hard paper cores made of recycled cardboard - even the secondary packaging of the rolls is made of recyclable paper. Each roll is supplied on wooden pallets that are sealed in recyclable polyethylene film.
  • The protective film of nora nTx can be collected during the installation and be recycled via the local recycling system.
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