Add Efficiency with Easy-to-Clean Flooring


An easy cleaning system is the best way to maintain a beautiful appearance. For this, you need surfaces that contribute to an economical and efficient solution. Floors are the largest surface in a room that need to be cleaned.

Non-porous wax-free surfaces are therefore very important, as are the possibilities for repair and renovation, not least in the framework of a holistic life-cycle cost analysis.

Easy cleaning thanks to non-porous surface

The more non-porous and dense the surface is, the easier it can be cleaned. Many construction products already have permanently sealed surfaces because of the materials used. A decisive factor here is that the surface is wear resistant, meaning that it will not wear out and will retain its properties throughout its service life.

This is why nora relies on homogenous, coating-free surfaces.


Intensive cleaning and chemicals

It is in the very nature of a floor that it will get dirty during use. Insufficient or incorrect cleaning can often result in a buildup of dirt, detergents, and disinfectants, which must then be removed via intensive intermediate cleaning. The surface and also any coatings must be able to withstand this mechanical stress. Only in this way can the costly, time consuming process of refinishing surfaces be avoided.

nora floor coverings do not require additional coatings and are largely resistant to chemicals. Intensive cleaning is usually done with nora pads, and without aggressive chemicals. This makes cleaning your floors particularly simple and economical.

Stain-free floors

nora floor coverings are stain-resistant and largely chemical-resistant, for example, against diluted acids and alkalis. Especially in educational and health facilities, aggressive chemicals often end up on the floor. All the better that the rubber floors are also resistant to blood, urine, and substances containing iodine. nora has also developed special cleaning agents for removing particularly stubborn and dried-out hospital stains. 

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Environmental considerations also play an important role in cleaning. If fewer chemical agents are used there will be fewer cleaning fluids to be disposed of, and less impact on the environment. The same applies to possibly damaged surface coatings, which must be completely removed and disposed of before renovations can begin. nora floor coverings are made entirely of rubber, so that additional coatings can be dispensed with. Abstinence or avoidance is the most important step in the waste-prevention process, and protects the environment best.

nora pads

Economical and ecological cleaning

Ecology and economics do not need to be opposed to one another. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could save on floor cleaning costs while simultaneously protecting the environment? With nora pads, floor cleaning discs equipped with countless microscopic industrial-strength diamonds and optimized for cleaning rubber floors. With nora pads, rubber floor coverings can be cleaned and polished mechanically – using only clear water and no chemicals. The pads are suitable for both extremely soiled and slightly damaged coverings.

nora pads
Simone Schäfer

“Mobile” children’s house

“Due to bad experiences with elaborate annual basic cleaning processes and re-coating of old flooring, as well as with unsightly high-traffic areas, in the new movement exercise kindergarten we definitely wanted an uncoated floor.”

Simone Schäfer, Head of the “Mobile” children’s house

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