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nora nTx - The Revolutionary Fast Installation System

Because the powerful adhesive is factory-fitted, nora nTx is as simple as it is ingenious. In a few simple steps, the flooring can be cleanly and safely installed and used immediately.

Does this sound familiar?

“I cannot allow ward areas to be closed for renovations.” 
Petra Günther, Head of the “Glück Auf” Nursing and Care Center, Benndorf

“We are concerned that during the planned renovation, tearing out the old floor coverings could cause sustained damage to the subfloor.”
Matthias Kopf, Director of Construction in the District Administration of Landshut Lower Bavaria

“It is important to us that with new construction as little dust and dirt as possible is produced, and that we can use the new production hall as quickly as possible.”
Ronald and Marcel Fischer, Managing Directors of SanaCare Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, Alsbach-Hähnlein

The solution is called nora® nTx – this floor brings its adhesive strength along from the factory.

With nora® nTx you can reduce installation time by up to 50% and can even carry out renovations during ongoing operations. Installation problems like bubbles, residual indentations, or seams belong to the past.

* 10 year warranty for the criteria given in our warranty conditions.

What is nora® nTx?

nora® nTx is a new and unique technology for the professional installation of nora® rubber floor coverings. Ingeniously simple – nora® nTx brings its adhesive strength along from the factory. The flooring is cleanly and safely installed in only a few steps and immediately ready for use. And this can be done on the concrete or cement screed subfloors typical in new construction, as well as over other existing floor coverings. Even high residual moisture in the subfloor is not a problem for nora® nTx.

nora® nTx | the system configuration

nora nTx

1. subfloor  2. nora® nTx 020 (Primer)  3. nora® nTx floor covering with self-adhesive back

nora® nTx consists of our noraplan® and norament® standard floor coverings, which are equipped with an adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered with a protective film. The glue – like our floor coverings – is rubber-based and particularly health-friendly. Specially developed installation materials and tools for nora® nTx provide functional safety and ensure the highest quality standards. In June of 2016, nora® nTx was awarded the “Plus X Award” in the “High Quality and Functionality” category.


The installation of nora® nTx is very easy and fast:

roll out floor covering and cut, remove protective film, glue, roll on – finished.

Compared to conventional wet bonding, it is possible to avoid multiple work steps and thus error sources, for example the application of the adhesive, as well as drying and waiting times.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s nora nTx made of?
nora nTx consists of our norament or noraplan standard floor coverings fitted with an adhesive backing. This adhesive backing is lined with a protective film. Like our floor coverings, this adhesive is also based on natural rubber and is free from health hazards.

Will the existing noraplan and norament product properties change?
nora nTx is manufactured from our nora standard floorings, so all product properties remain unchanged. The properties can be taken from the Product Data Sheet.

Which products are available with nora nTx?
nora® nTx is available as sheet and tiles. In our standard assortment we offer a color selection of noraplan environcareTM and sentica and norament® arago, grano, satura, xp and xp trac. Further colors and designs are available on request.

What requirements does the substrate have to fulfil before the product is installed?

As for all installations, it is generally assumed that the subsurface is an intact screed/concrete floor fulfilling the standards in the respective country.

Defects on the surface must be levelled.

Can nora nTx be installed on all substrates?
nora nTx can be used on all conventional screed/concrete substrates. These include cement screed, quick cement screed, calcium sulphate screed, vacuum concrete, and concrete. nora nTx can also be installed on existing, smooth floor coverings (e.g. natural rubber, linoleum, PVC) and on other subsurfaces (e.g. wood, aluminium). These, however, must be permanently and securely bonded to the substrate and must not have any cavities. nora nTx may not be installed on heated subsurface structures. The use of nora nTx on a heated subsurface structure is possible without restrictions if a corresponding heating protocol is available and the required moisture values are complied with.

How to install nora nTx?
Depending on the consistency of the subsurface, nora nTx can be installed without prior trowelling over the whole surface. In general, the subsurface must first be treated accordingly and primed with nTx 020. Details can be taken from the nora nTx installation recommendations.

How to clean nora nTx?
nora nTx is cleaned exactly like the nora floorings. There are no differences in cleaning.

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