Easy and fast installation with no wait using nTx for transportation

For rail vehicles, buses and ships.

Key Features

  • Fast and simple laying in just a few steps
  • Works on all types of subfloor
  • Can be directly laid on existing floor covering
  • No need to interrupt your daily work
  • No drying or waiting time
  • No odour nuisance
  • Can be used immediately after laying
  • Complete system from a single supplier
  • Minimises downtime – economical for carbuilders and operators

What is nora® nTx? 

nora® nTx is a new and unique technology for the professional installation of nora® rubber floor coverings. Ingeniously simple – nora® nTx brings its adhesive strength along from the factory. The flooring is cleanly and safely installed in only a few steps and immediately ready for use. nora® nTx is suitable for all common types of subfloors. In the case of renovations, installation is possible directly over existing floor coverings in just a few steps.

nora® nTx is also available for building construction.

nora nTx
1. subfloor 2. nora® nTx 020 (primer) 3. nora® nTx floor covering with self-adhesive back

nora® nTx consists of our nora® standard floor coverings which are equipped with an adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered with a protective film. The glue - like our floor coverings - is rubber-based and particularly health-friendly. Specially developed installation materials and tools for nora® nTx provide functional safety and ensure the highest quality standards. 


nora® nTx designs for transportation

The following transportation designs are available with nora nTx. Please ask for possible minimum quantities.

Rail - Fire behavior acc. to EN 45545, HL1 / NFPA 130
Rail - Fire behavior acc. to EN 45545 - HL2

Rail - Fire behavior acc. to EN 45545, HL2

noraplan® voya mobil (931) nTx

noraplan® stone mobil (931) nTx

noraplan® stone plus mobil (931) nTx 
noraplan® grip mobil (931) nTx
noraplan® grip plus mobil (931) nTx
noraplan® ultra grip mobil (931) nTx
noraplan® valua mobil (931) nTx

noraplan® effect spezial mobil (931) nTx
noraplan® plus mobil (931) nTx
noraplan® sentica mobil (931) nTx

noraplan® signa mobil (931) nTx


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