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Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE)


Building Technology Showcase Promotes Cutting-Edge Materials and Systems

The Building Technology Showcase (BTS), located in the Innovation District of Boston, MA, serves as a “living lab,” highlighting the latest cutting-edge building materials and systems available in the market today. It houses the headquarters of the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) and their laboratory facilities for advanced R&D and technical validation services. An interactive educational exhibit space in the building’s first floor lobby is designed to facilitate the widespread, nationwide adoption of energy-saving technologies. more
A long-standing partnership with Fraunhofer in Germany led to nora® flooring being selected as the featured flooring in this pioneering space. “The product life span and durability contribute to the conservation of energy, because facilities don’t have to face re-installing and replacing the floor repeatedly,” said Nolan Browne, managing director of Fraunhofer CSE.

Fraunhofer CSE’s Building Technology Showcase, a demonstration space and “living lab” for research and development of sustainable energy technologies, presents the newest advanced technologies in a state-of-the-art exhibition and educational space open to the public.  When it came to selecting the floor coverings to outfit this pioneering space, the BTS looked to nora flooring.

“I was in Germany and had the opportunity to visit nora’s manufacturing facility and see first-hand the detailed and delicate attention paid to the creation of the flooring,” says Nolan Browne, managing director of Fraunhofer CSE. “When we were planning for the BTS, we knew nora possessed the premium quality, sustainability and durability characteristics that we were looking to promote in this project.”  

Additionally, with the BTS being open to the public and expected to receive heavy and consistent foot traffic, the simplified maintenance required was a major benefit as well. Says Browne, “Having waxless floors that are able to be effectively kept up with only water was another reason the flooring speaks not only to our energy efficiency and sustainability message, but also to our own personal building maintenance staff and costs.”

Housing research and development labs within the upper floors also necessitated flooring that provided comfort for lab workers spending long hours on their feet. “I was impressed with the significant research nora is putting into creating a product that is optimized for comfort underfoot.  I hope we have an opportunity to measure this quantitatively in the Building Technology Showcase living lab,” says Browne.

Data and facts

Building Building Technology Showcase
Owner Fraunhofer CSE
Market Segment Industry & Life Science
Architect DiMella Shaffer Associates, Inc. – Boston, MA
Installation Year 2013

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