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“The flooring was laid so quickly that some of my employees didn’t even notice that while they were working upstairs, a new floor was being laid in the lobby downstairs. The fact that we could use the flooring straight after it was installed was even better!”

Martin Nowak, Managing Director of gruenphase

About the project: 
The aim of the project was to redesign the lobby flooring at the gruenphase agency in Viernheim. The transformation was to take place as quickly as possible and for the flooring was to be used straight after it was installed. It was also important that the aesthetic was appealing and in keeping with the ambience of a modern agency. The issue of sustainability also played an important role, as the use of sustainable materials is a focus in the agency’s premises. It was for these reasons that norament 926 castello nTx was chosen. This rubber floor covering has an elegant appearance and can be installed on the old flooring in just a few steps. The underside of nora nTx flooring features a rubber-based adhesive that is covered with a protective film which is removed before the flooring is installed. The next steps are to sand, vacuum and prime the old substrate, cut the new flooring to size, remove the protective film, roll the flooring out, smooth it down and press it down using a roller. The new flooring is then ready for immediate use. Other properties such as durability, easy maintenance, wear and slip resistance additionally round off the product portfolio. more
gruenphase is a multimedia agency based in Viernheim, Germany. It was founded in 2000 and covers every aspect of communication. What started as a one-man show is now an established team of 28 experts who have sound expertise in graphics, web, PR, photo, film, sound and much more.

Data and facts

Building gruenphase communication design, Viernheim
Installation Year 2022
Photographer nora systems / Dominik Lehmann
Installed floor norament 926 castello nTx


nora® nTx™

nora nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers to lay nora rubber flooring systems.

norament® castello™

Rubber floor covering that creates a sense of luxury in any space. It features a lightly marbled pattern with movement and variation that mimic nature. Like stone, no two tiles look the same

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