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Parkland Memorial Hospital

New Parkland Hospital sets standard for future of healthcare

Parkland Memorial Hospital, a heavily relied-on county hospital in Dallas, TX, outgrew its 60-year-old facility. To address the need for additional space and provide more services, a new 2.5 million-square-foot replacement facility, the largest hospital construction project in the country, will soon be opening to the public. Investing years of research in material selection, the hospital is setting a new standard for the future of healthcare environments. Looking to best support patient recovery and staff comfort, the hospital selected noraplan environcare™, installing more than 750,000 square feet of the rubber flooring in corridors, labs, pharmacies, staff areas, radiology and nurseries. “Rubber is a great fit for healthcare, as it doesn’t require the same kind of maintenance that you have for some of the vinyl products; it is wax-free,” says Robyn Roleofs, senior interior designer, HDR + Corgan. “It is also naturally antimicrobial and is quieter than a lot of our other floors. Acoustic control and sound transmission are hugely important to help patients heal faster. more

Parkland Memorial Hospital has a tremendous impact on the surrounding community of Dallas County, TX. On any given day, the hospital completes nearly 1,000 radiology exams, performs more than 40 surgeries and delivers approximately 45 babies. Regularly providing this volume of patient services established a need for additional space that the 60-year-old hospital could not provide. As a result, a new $1.3 billion facility will soon open across the street, welcoming patients and staff with an abundance of space in a building that is defining the future of healthcare environments.

“The hospital asked us to create a modern icon for Dallas,” says Robyn Roleofs, senior interior designer, HDR + Corgan. “They wanted something that was a hospital of choice, not a hospital of necessity.”

“When we looked at the hospital design overall, we wanted to make sure we were creating the best center for healing,” says Gena English, senior program manager for New Parkland Hospital. “As we considered flooring options, we knew we needed something that was going to last—something that was extremely durable, even in a busy healthcare environment. We tested that a lot in mock-up rooms.”

The hospital conducted its own tests on the flooring, measuring its resistance to common chemicals, such as methylene blue, iodine and betadine, and bringing heavy foot traffic through the mock-up spaces. The results pointed to one clear winner. “It was really interesting to see how much better nora® performed over some of the other floors,” says Roleofs. “Even looking at it with scrutiny, we couldn’t find fault with the way it was maintained and the way it looked over time.”

Ergonomics also contributed to Parkland’s decision to use nora. “From a nursing perspective, flooring is important, because our nurses work 12-hour shifts,” says Gay Chabot, program director, New Parkland Hospital. “Nurses are almost always walking. While you can have orthotics and real fancy expensive shoes, the softness of the actual floor plays a large part. nora is a huge difference from what they’re used to walking on in the old facility.”

Additionally, the acoustic dampening of rubber flooring will enhance patient healing. “Patients may not realize the materials that are around them, but they experience the space as a whole,” says Roleofs. “They may not understand that you don’t hear people walking or rolling a bed down the corridor. They may not realize that a space is more beautiful because you don’t have the dirt or traffic that you might see on another floor. But if a floor looks good and it performs well for them, they understand that the space is just naturally more beautiful.”

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital  

Parkland Memorial Hospital took a patient-centered approach when designing a new, state-of-the-art facility. Learn how rubber flooring has supported the largest hospital construction project in the country with acoustic and ergonomic benefits to patients and staff, no-wax maintenance, enhanced safety and superior stain resistance.

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Data and facts

Building Parkland Memorial Hospital
Market Segment Healthcare
Products noraplan environcare™
Architect HDR + Corgan, Dallas, TX
Installation Year 2014


noraplan environcare™

Rubber flooring with a changing base color consisting of three harmoniously matched hues is complimented with characteristic granules, delivering an aesthetically appealing and functional smooth surface for heavy traffic areas.

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