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Baystate Medical Unveils the Hospital of the Future

Baystate Medical Center (BMC) is an academic, research and teaching hospital that serves as the western campus of Tufts University School of Medicine. Located in Springfield, MA, BMC is a 657-bed facility with 57 bassinets, and it is the only Level 1 trauma center in western Massachusetts. Home to the second busiest emergency department in the state, BMC recently opened a new emergency department in the MassMutual Wing to help accommodate the ever-growing needs of the busy, expanding facility. more
In developing plans for the new emergency department and the rest of the 640,000-square-foot facility, BMC officials looked again to nora® flooring, a product they have used in a variety of other projects and renovations over the last decade. Not only did hospital administrators require that the products they use align with their sustainable building guidelines, but they also needed products that could help create a space that provides for the comfort and productivity of nurses and staff while excelling in features that enhance safety and patient care. Nurses are responding favorably to the installation of nora flooring in patient areas, noticing the enhanced underfoot comfort that helps them stay focused and fight fatigue. Additionally, maintenance staff can keep the flooring clean without the use of waxes or chemicals, contributing to a healthy and efficient emergency department.

Data and facts

Building Baystate Medical Center
Market Segment Healthcare
Architect Steffian Bradley Architects – Boston, MA
Installation Year 2012
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nora_SiPh_HC_US_6-baystate med_Mob_1000x750
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