nora® PU 102™

nora® PU 102 is a two-component urethane adhesive designed specifically for the installation of specific nora® rubber floor coverings on suitable substrates. When parts A & B are thoroughly mixed together they form a reactive adhesive that cures to a tough, flexible film with a good resistance to surface moisture and many chemicals.

  • Non-flammable and freeze/thaw stable
  • Free of organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, lindane, rosins, plasticizers or any other volatile components
  • Meets the South Coast (CA) Air Quality Management District Rule 1168

Speak with your nora® Account Representative before selecting your adhesive to confirm the suitability for your project. Please refer to the nora® Installation Guide for proper installation methods of all nora products. PAlso part of the nora one® system solution, for full system information visit nora one.

nora PU 102 two-part polyurethane adhesive
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