Safer Journeys Begin with Slip-Resistant Flooring

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Safe transport in wet and dry conditions

During passenger transport, snow, rain, and dirt routinely accumulate in a vehicle, which increases the risk of slipping. The liquids, greases, and oils used in areas such as beverage and food retail can also affect the safety and stability of your passengers nora rubber’s ability to provide enhanced slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions adds another layer of security for your travelers.


Prevent falls and accidents

The occupants in your facility need to be able to move across your floors with confidence. Slippery, smooth floors often lead to falls and accidents which, in turn, result in injury.

Coating-free nora rubber offers various grades of slip prevention depending on the areas of application. These grade levels aid you in improving the safety of your surroundings, as well as reduce confusion from reflective or overly smooth surfaces – what is known as “perception of slipperiness”. 

Classified as non-slip

nora coverings feature enhanced slip resistance. They are tested according to DIN EN 16165 and receive a grade of R9, R10, or R11 for surface structure. The non-slip requirements for entry areas are often higher than for other areas. nora offers the right products for all of these surfaces.

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