Simplify and Save Time with Railcar Flooring Kits


Cutting the materials you require for your vehicle on location results in long downtimes and associated costs. nora offers “rail car kit” deliveries, that provide you ready-made, pre-cut goods. Since the blank cuts are clearly marked with labels, you can avoid long prep times and the risk of accidentally interchanging the goods on site.

Perfectly cut and arrive ready to install

Whether for complete rail cars or individual areas: Your floor covering must be precisely tailored. With the rail car kit, nora floor coverings are precisely cut to length and width by our in-house experts, according to each rail car’s dimensions. This facilitates the accurate installation of even difficult areas, such as wall coves or transitions.

Simple organization, effective handling

Goods that you cannot immediately locate slow down your organizational processes. Materials can easily be mixed up or interchanged, especially when several vehicles are being furnished at once.

That is why nora car kits provide you with labeled pallets. In order to simplify the handling and installation of your floor coverings, all the individual parts are provided with product labels. They indicate the material number and the corresponding rail car. This not only allows quick allocation but also digital tracking of the goods.

Each kit material number is entered into our system, facilitating the documentation of all the individual material numbers and the dimensions of the respective blank cuts.

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