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Floor coverings for chain stores and hospitality

In chain stores - whether pharmacies, opticians, banks or travel agencies - a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in which customers and employees feel happy and at ease is of the utmost importance. This of course also applies to the hospitality industry: When selecting flooring for hotels, restaurants and event spaces, authentic materials such as nora systems rubber floorings are in great demand. nora rubber flooring offers almost unlimited design possibilities and combines an attractive, high-quality appearance with excellent functional properties such as good acoustics and ergonomics - an ambiance for feeling happy and at ease.

Suitable products

norament® hammered

norament hammered tiles are monochrome with a hammered surface for use in heavy traffic areas. 

norament® arago™

Rubber flooring with a landscape design, fine granules and modern marbling for extremely heavy traffic areas. No two tiles are the same – each one is totally unique.

norament® grano™

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammered surface and a granular design rich in contrast.

norament® xp™ / xp trac™

High-performance rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with a hammered or enhanced profile surface and a choice of two granular designs – one rich in contrast and the other tone-in tone.

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