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How does a NYC real estate developer streamline workflow?

Pillar Property Management (PPM) in NYC develops and manages commercial, residential, and school projects across the tri-state area. “As developers we're very mindful of the cost of materials, but as managers we're very interested in the performance of materials over time,” says Neysha Mejia, project manager at PPM.

“The schools we work with have a very tight schedule because they need to start the school year specifically in the fall,” Mejia shares, “Using rubber has reduced construction time. It can be installed in just a couple of hours and used immediately after.”

Another key benefit Neysha notes is cost of maintenance over time. “It takes about $1 per square foot to maintain VCT, per year. When you have a 50,000 sq. ft. building like this, it adds up to be a very large cost,” explains Mejia, “With nora, we don't have to invest in long-term maintenance because it can be so easily maintained with just light detergent and water.”

Data and facts

Building 10 Charter Schools, New York City
Architect Pillar Property Management, Bronx - NY
Installation Year 2017
Flooring Solution

noraplan® custom flooring

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Community Consolidated School District 59 (CCSD59) 

USA (Chicago)
noraplan® sentica | Education

Community Consolidated School District 59 (CCSD59), just outside Chicago, is a forward-looking educational institution that uses nora premium flooring to achieve its learning objectives.

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