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Classroom block Schubart-Gymnasium: Holistic sustainability enhances school

norament® satura supports the design concept in the zero energy classroom block

Urban design meets sustainability – this concept is not only evident in the learning and teaching that takes place at the Schubart Gymnasium school in Aalen. Designed by Liebel/Architekten BDA and opened in 2019, the new construction of the zero-energy classroom block has received ‘Climate Positive’ certification from DGNB and the German Design Award 2021 and has also been nominated for the German Sustainability Award after several architectural awards, such as the German Federal Prize for Environment and Building. The lightflooded building not only impresses with its purist, minimalist look, but also with an architectural and climate concept based on the active use of existing natural resources. The building generates as much energy as it consumes over the course of the year. The flooring for the new building also needed to be high-quality and sustainable. Architects and users opted for norament® satura rubber flooring.

With their pale grey tone and attractive hammerblow surface, the square-metre tiles blend perfectly into the minimalist design concept and ideally complement the light grey furniture and wooden chairs. They are also particularly durable and easy to clean. norament® satura stairtreads in the same colour were installed in the staircase leading from the foyer.

Cost-effective maintenance –low life cycle costs

The new classroom block is a hybrid construction of wood and concrete. Thanks to this design, it was possible to increase the proportion of daylight in the building by more than 50 percent. This is not only pleasant for students and teachers; it also requires less energy for lighting. The floor covering brings additional brightness to the building. “Thanks to its light colour, norament® satura reflects daylight and thus contributes to significantly better room lighting,” explained project manager Steffen Kainzbauer from Liebel/Architekten BDA. In addition to the attractive design of the rubber floor covering, its robustness and cost-effective maintenance were the deciding factors. “The hammerblow surface is very hard-wearing and easy to maintain, which is also the feedback we always receive from the cleaning service providers of the properties we build,” explained building representative, Tobias Wessely. “The somewhat higher purchase price of norament® floor coverings pays for itself over the long service life through easy cleaning and the fact that they do not have to be permanently coated.” As Wessely knows from experience, regular recoating, as is sometimes the case with other elastic coverings, often poses problems, especially for larger buildings or rooms with permanent furniture. more

Colour-coded stairtreads

The central staircase was fitted with norament® satura stairtreads in the same light grey shade. This resulted in a visually uniform surface effect, which emphasises the minimalist design concept. There are also individual steps for balancing different levels in the classroom block annexes. “Like all norament® stairtreads, the norament® satura solution is extremely tough and non-slip,” commented Martina Hoock, nora market segment specialist for education. norament® stairtreads are designed for straight steps with a right-angled edge and can be installed on almost any surface, such as wood, stone, concrete, metal and many more.

Carbon-neutral floors – certified contribution to climate protection

An additional advantage for the architects was that nora® floors have been carbon neutral over the entire product life cycle since January 2019 as part of the Interface carbon-neutral floor initiative. The company does this in three steps: avoidance, reduction and compensation of remaining CO₂ emissions by obtaining emission reduction certificates. If customers opt for nora® rubber flooring, they will receive a certificate upon request, which certifies that the floor coverings supplied for the building are carbon neutral over the entire life cycle. This programme therefore helps them to achieve their own climate goals and they can provide evidence of this, as required. Liebel Architekten as well as the city of Aalen as the building owner also received such a certificate for the floor coverings in the new classroom block. “Due to the low maintenance costs, rubber floors are a good solution for sustainable buildings – the carbon neutral nature of the floor coverings is the icing on the cake,” said architect Kainzbauer

Data and facts

Building Classroom block, Schubart Gymnasium school, Aalen
Architect Liebel/Architekten BDA, Aalen
Installation Year 2020
Photographer Valentin Schmied / Liebel Architekten BDA
Produkte norament® satura, colour 5114
norament® satura stairtreads,
approx 1.200 m²


norament® 926 satura

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammerblow surface and tone-in-tone granular design

Stairtread norament® 926 satura

Tone-in-tone granular design with a hammerblow surface, footfall sound absorption improvement of 12 dB.

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